AYY nominates Tapio Hautamäki as President of SYL and Frans Cederlöf as a member of SYL Board

Frans Cederlöf and Tapio Hautamäki
Frans Cederlöf and Tapio Hautamäki

Aalto University Student Union nominates Tapio Hautamäki as President of SYL, the National Union of University Students in Finland and Frans Cederlöf as a member of SYL Board for the year of 2020.

Hautamäki, 26, studies applied mathematics at Aalto University School of Science. This year, as Chair of the Board, he has led the organisation of over 40 employees and approximately one hundred volunteers. Hautamäki has also been responsible for renewing AYY’s strategy and policy papers.

”SYL’s future strategy work will determine the Union’s priorities at the dawn of SYL’s 100th anniversary. I believe I would be the right choice to lead the way. For example, we must resolve how the student movement could find its own voice in the climate debate,” says Hautamäki.

Cederlöf, 22, studies built environment at Aalto University School of Engineering. For the past two years, Cederlöf has served as Vice Chair of Svenska Studieförbundet SSF, the national coalition of civil society organisations for Swedish-speaking Finns. Bilingual Cederlöf is also active in Finlands Svenska Skolungdomsförbundet FSS and in the European Youth Parliament.

”SYL’s impact is based on successful interest group relations and active networks in Finland and worldwide. Based on my experience in NGO work, it is easier to achieve change together than by yourself,” Cederlöf emphasizes.

SYL will elect the Board for the year of 2020 in its general assembly in Lahti on 15-16 Nov 2019. SYL represents Finnish university students at the national level and takes a stand on educational, social and international issues.

Further information:

Tapio Hautamäki, 040 757 9629

Frans Cederlöf, 050 430 2458

Advocacy and Communications Manager Heikki Isotalo, 040 575 9092

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