TodAYY’s Housing Mail – brand-new newsletter for AYY’s residents

The newsletter for residents TodAYY’s Housing Mail responds to a need to inform the residents about current housing issues by email, which was brought up in the resident survey. The newsletter is published about five times a year.
Asukkaan UKK

AYY’s new newsletter for residents TodAYY’s Housing Mail was sent to residents in early May. The funny name of the newsletter was chosen as the result of Instagram voting. The followers of AYY Housing Instagram chose the name from among four options. AYYkamoista asumista was chosen as the Finnish name.
Not only the name of the letter, but the idea for the letter came from residents. In the last year’s resident survey, respondents requested that housing information would be provided primarily by email. The results of the spring 2022 resident survey are similar, so it looks like the traditional email still holds its ground as an important information channel among students.
TodAYY’s Housing Mail is not only an information channel, but also includes up-to-date guidelines that facilitate housing.

“We hope to reach as many of our residents as possible through the newsletter for residents. Our goal is to make housing easier by offering current tips and keeping the residents aware of housing reforms that concern them”, says AYY’s Service and Rental Manager Minna Merensilta.
The newsletter presents housing-related news and housing tips, but also housing democracy and various theme days and campaigns. Campus events for Teekkari Village residents will also be highlighted in the newsletter. You can suggest housing-related topics in the newsletter by contacting AYY Communications by email.
The newsletter is published about five times a year, and the next newsletter will be sent to residents in July. If you don’t yet receive the newsletter, you can subscribe to the mailing list.

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