Tatami Hall

The Tatami Hall is a room of about 70m2 padded with tatamis. The space is particularly suitable for martial arts training.

The Tatami Hall is located in Jämeräntaival 5 A but you can also access it via the Dernecon meeting facility in stairwell B. In addition to the tatamis, the Tatami Hall also has gym balls, a punching bag and a CD player. 

The Tatami Hall is available from 10am-10pm. On weekends an public holidays, the facility is available 10am-11pm. Since the space is rarely required for an entire day, it is usually reserved in 2-hour slots.

Please note! If you have made your reservation in TILA-system, you can activate an access code and you don't need to pick up the keys from AYY office.

Accessibility information: Accessible passage to the facility is located by the entrance of Jämeräntaival 5 A. Mainly enough space to accommodate assistive devices. No accessible entrance to the dressing room. No accessible toilet.


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