Take advantage of your member benefits by using AYY’s rental facilities

AYY offers its members rental facilities free of charge or for a reasonable price. Choose suitable facilities for sports, crafting, cooking and get-togethers!
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Service advisor Päivi's hot tips for AYY's rental facilities

Relaxing sauna evening, sitsit, dance lesson or board game night? Service advisor Päivi's summary of AYY's rental premises will help you choose a suitable facility!

Keep-fit exercises

Turn on YouTube and wear your leotards, it’s time for some aerobics! The mirror wall in the association hall  makes the space suitable for dancing and exercising. The floor of Tatami Hall is covered by a padded carpet, so the space is suitable for martial arts and training for a headstand. You can use gym balls in both halls for balance training and a kangaroo jump race, for example. Are you interested in outdoor exercise? Feel the sand between your toes at AYY’s beach volley court!

Sauna evenings

After all the exercising, it’s nice to go to the sauna. Try the bunker-style Gorsu or the rooftop sauna at Jämeräntaival, where you can cool off on the roof terrace. If you also want to have dinner, Ossinsauna includes a kitchen and a comfortable seating area with dining tables. When you want to combine sitsit and sauna, the sauna at Otakaari 20 is a great choice. If you appreciate a great view, you should head to Otaranta rooftop sauna. From the big rooftop terrace, you have a great view over Laajalahti – the bravest ones can run to the shore for a dip. AYY’s most popular rental facility Rantasauna is located by the beach, where you can barbecue and try out the hot tub. The wood-burning stove in the small space of Rantasauna gives you the most pleasant sauna experience.

You can also go on a sauna excursion to Helsinki and Leppävaara. The sauna at Vaasankatu in Helsinki has a large rooftop terrace. The cabinet includes a kitchen, pool table, sofa set and a 65″ TV. Sievo Sauna at Atlantinkatu in Jätkäsaari is AYY’s newest rental space with meeting rooms and a rooftop terrace. Heinävaara sauna in Leppävaara has balconies on the top floor and a fireplace room with dining tables.

Hanging out

The kitchenette and a long table in the club room at Ossinkulma are suitable for various get-togethers. Otaranta club room and the Takka cabinet have long tables suitable for meetings. Three event venues at Otakaari 20 are suited for sitsit and other festivities, and the TV, sofa set and a kitchen with tables in the village living room are great for watch parties. In the game room at Jämeräntaival, you can organise weekly board game nights and use a craft room with tools for DIY projects. If you have a large group of people, you can cook in Sitsi kitchen and the kitchen of Servin Mökki. And naturally, the most memorable celebrations are held at Servin Mökki.

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