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Student wellbeing

During your studies, it is important to take care of your wellbeing and coping. A number of different organisations provide assistance and services to support the wellbeing of Aalto University students.

Student wellbeing and ensuring the ability to study are important goals for Aalto University and the student union. Ensuring student well-being is based on the study ability scheme .


Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS)

Finnish Student Health Service is responsible for the health care of university students. The FSHS services are divided into three sectors: general health, mental health and oral health. FSHS services do not include hospital care, maternity or child health services or night and weekend emergency services. Students are entitled to use municipal health care. When FSHS is closed, you can use the services health centres or the nearest hospital. More information is available on the websites of Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa.

The FSHS health care fee is included in the annual membership fee of the student union. Most FSHS services are free of charge for students, and they can use any FSHS unit. In the metropolitan area, the units are located in Töölö and Otaniemi.

FSHS invites all first-year students to a health check consisting of an electronic health survey (SÄTKY) and, if necessary, a personal appointment. If you do not receive an email inviting you to fill in the health survey during your first year of study, please contact a nurse at your local unit.

Have you already opened an electronic transaction account? With the help of the account, you can receive examination results, health care fees, and instructions securely to your account at a time that suits you. Watch the presentation video of the transaction account.

Please remember to cancel your appointment in advance if you are unable to attend. You will be charged both an appointment fee and a fine for any uncancelled appointments.


Students’ support centre Nyyti offers confidential discussions, support and an outsider’s perspective in various life situations when you feel helpless or are unable to cope on your own. Nyyti’s most popular services include online groups, where different themes are discussed during academic terms.

Study and career counselling psychologists

Study and career counselling psychologists provide help and support with issues related to studies, wellbeing or career challenges. You can contact a study psychologist to figure out the issues that impair your study ability. You will receive guidance on challenges related to studying, learning, wellbeing or career planning. Study psychologists support students' development and wellbeing. A career counselling psychologist specialises in career management issues and supports you in career and life planning, and transition to work. Career counselling supports you in self-knowledge, building a meaningful career, identifying opportunities, and making decisions.

Aalto chaplains

You can turn to university chaplains, aka Aalto chaplains, whenever you want to speak to someone in confidence about anything related to work, personal relationships or your life situation in general. The Aalto chaplains are available to all members of the Aalto community regardless of religion or worldview.

The Aalto chaplains are employees of the Espoo Church and work in cooperation with Aalto University and Aalto University Student Union.

You can find the Aalto chaplains’ contact details on Into.

More information on Aalto chaplains can be found on the Espoo Parish Union website (in Finnish).

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