Rantasauna, more commonly known as“Rantsu”, is a sauna built and funded by engineering students. There is also a hot tub available.

Rantasauna is located in Otaniemi behind Jämeräntaival 5. Rantsu has two separate spaces; a large space and a small space. These can be rented together or separately. The large space is suitable for sauna evenings with plenty of people or academic seated dinners, while the small space can be used by smaller groups. There is a large barbecue in front of the terrace. There is also a pier, but the shore is very shallow. In addition, a hot tub is available for rent.

Rantasauna is available from 2pm-7am. The sauna in the large space can be heated from 12pm till 3am. The users must warm up the sauna by themselves when arriving by switching on the heater. The maximum heating time is 8 hours. To clean and maintain Rantasauna, it is extremely important that the facilities are empty outside of the user hours. If it is necessary to extend the user hours, this must be agreed on in advance with AYY. Additional user hours will be charged at an hourly rate.


Large space

Sauna: Space for around 30 people, automatically heated electric stove
Lounge area: Chairs and tables for approx. 40 people, sofas in front of the windows
Kitchen: Hob, oven, microwave, dishwasher, coffee maker and cold storage for drinks
Other: Fireplace. High-quality sound production and projector screen.


Small space

Sauna: Space for around 10 people. The small space has a wood-heated sauna which must be heated manually. Don’t forget to take matches with you!
Lounge: Sofas and table. Space for about 10 people.
Kitchenette: Refrigerator and hob.
Other: Fireplace


Hot tub

Rantasauna also has a hot tub named Lotina. The use of the hot tub requires renting one or both spaces of Rantasauna. It is prohibited to use your own hot tubs at Rantsu. The violation of this rule will result in a fine of EUR 100.

Learn more about Rantasauna using this virtual model.

Please note! If you have made your reservation in TILA system, you can activate an access code and you do not have to pick up the keys from AYY office. The access code will be active 15 minutes before your reservation starts. If you do not have access to TILA system, you will receive a key from AYY. If you have made a reservation for the hot tub, you will receive a code to open the key box where the hot tub key is with your invoice.

Accessibility information

Small space: The lounge is accessible. Shower and sauna facilities are partly inaccessible due to narrow doors and small space. There is no toilet for the disabled.

Large space: The lounge is accessible through the sliding door of the small space. The dressing room, sauna and shower rooms are spacious and accessible. There is no toilet for the disabled.

Hot tub: The hot tub is inaccessible. There are stairs to the terrace of the hot tub. Otherwise, the terrace is accessible.

Access to the courtyard of Rantasauna is not completely accessible. The easiest way to Rantasauna is via the waterfront walkway. At the end of the waterfront walkway at Otaranta 6-8, there is a parking lot where you can park a car or take the taxi.



Large space

Rantasauna keittiö

Sauna in the large space

Rantasauna pukuhuone

Small space


Sauna in the small space

Rantasauna palju

Floor plan

Booking of Facilities and Price List
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