OK20 Upper Floor

The upper floor of OK20 is particularly suitable for arranging academic dinner parties. The floor area is 130 m2.
Otakaari 20

The upper floor of OK20 is particularly suitable for academic dinner parties, and can easily accommodate around 60 people. There is no sound system in the facility. There is a small kitchen, but only one toilet. The kitchen is currently only very modestly equipped. If you book the facility for an academic dinner party, we recommend that you also book the Sitsi Kitchen for preparing food. 

The upper floor of OK20 is available from 2pm-6am. The space is located in a residential building, the use of the space must not cause significant inconvenience to residents.

Staying overnight in the facility is prohibited. If you book the facility for several days in a row, please agree with the services office in advance on daytime use and cleaning during your reservation.

Please note! If you have made your reservation in TILA-system, you can activate an access code and you do not have to pick up the keys from AYY office. The access code will be active 15 minutes before your reservation starts. If you do not have access to TILA-system, you will receive a key from AYY.

Address: Otakaari 20
Lounge: Chairs and tables for approx. 50 people.
Kitchen: Fridge-freezer, coffee maker, kettle. No stove or oven.
Other: There is currently no sound system in the facility. The facility is in a moderate condition. If you want to see the facility before your reservation please contact our membership services. We recommend this if you haven't visited the facility before.

Accessibility Information

There is currently no accessible entrance to the facility. The facility itself is accessible. There is no toilet for the disabled.

The courtyard of OK20 is accessible. The yard can be reached by taxi. It is possible to park a car on the street.


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    Upstairs hall


    Upstairs hall


    Bar / kitchen



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