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Aalto University Student Union (AYY) adopted a new policy paper at the Representative Council meeting on 14 December. This year, AYY has conducted a comprehensive update project of the policy paper, last implemented in 2018. According to the new policies, AYY is a feminist and anti-racist student union, among other things.
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Aalto University Student Union (AYY) has new policies, which the Representative Council has approved at its meeting on 14 December. The policy paper, governing the student union policies, outlines the Student Union’s position on political issues and provides a framework for societal discussions. The policy paper primarily operates as a tool for advocacy work and serves as a guiding document. The renewal process focused on making changes both in structure and content. 

In the new policy paper, the student union policies are divided according to three aspects of advocacy: society, Aalto community and education policy.

‘In addition to the necessity for structural change, there was also a clear need to bring policies up to date with the present day. The significant policy changes concern comments on changes in students’ livelihood and well-being. In addition, there was an increased emphasis on advocacy work within the university, concerning facility and language principles, for example. A major step forward was also officially declaring AYY as a feminist student union’, comments Chair of the Student Union Board Ida Parkkinen

The new policy paper is the result of collaboration between the student union office and the Representative Council. The goal was to create a policy paper that reflects the student union members. The Advocacy Committee consisting of representatives from various Representative Council groups worked in close cooperation with the AYY office.

The Advocacy Committee has played a key role in the creation of new policies: ‘The Advocacy Committee participated in drafting the policy paper with enthusiasm throughout the updating process. At times, the entries sparked heated discussions, which is absolutely positive and natural part of the process. The end result reflects the community’, comments Chair of the Advocacy Committee Veera Ollikainen

The new policy paper can be found below.

Further information:

Nea-Bettina Baarman, Advocacy and Communications Manager

[email protected]

Ida Parkkinen, Chair of the Board 

[email protected]

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