Nea Baarman appointed as Advocacy and Communications Manager

Nea Baarman has been appointed the new Advocacy and Communications Manager of Aalto University Student Union.
Nea Baarman hymyilee

Nea Baarman, who was appointed AYY's Advocacy and Communications Manager, started in her position on a part-time basis at the end of October and started full time on 7 November 2022. She has started at a fast pace with orientation.  

Baarman, who is Bachelor of Theology and student of social sciences, describes herself as an “experienced organisation activist”. She has already gained a decade of experience in youth organisations. In her previous positions, Baarman has also coordinated activities and volunteer work at reception centres, influenced in a development cooperation organization and been the editor-in-chief in JEF Finland’s magazine. She is pursuing two Master’s degrees in peace and conflict resolution and social work.

”Being a student myself, I think that advocacy work is important and that’s why I applied to work at AYY. Since the COVID-19 crisis, I’ve seen many issues that should be improved in student advocacy, and I hope to make a difference in student well-being through my work. I am looking forward to using and applying my expertise in the organisational field and learning new skills”, said Baarman.

The new Advocacy and Communications Manager is thrilled, yet humble, to start in her new position. Advocacy is very close to Baarman’s heart, and she’s very pleased to take on these new challenges in working life. As manager, Baarman will lead AYY’s advocacy and communications teams, supervise specialists and represent her sectors in the management team.

”It’s fantastic to get a person with a wealth of organisational experience to be part of our work community. Nea will certainly bring fresh perspectives to the communications and advocacy of our student union”, commented AYY’s Executive Director Antti Ilmavirta.

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