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International Associations

Whether you are an exchange student, international degree student, or Finnish all the way, you can meet people from all over the world in the international associations. Many subject associations also offer things to do for international students if they have plenty of international students among their members.
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Aalto Community of African Students

Aalto Community of African Students is an AYY registered association that brings together students from Africa and other international students to collaborate and share ideas on business, technology and volunteering.

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Aalto Management Consulting Association

Aalto Management Consulting Association (AMCA) is proud to have partnerships with globally respected management consulting companies in Finland.

We are dedicated to provide learning and career support for students at Aalto University who are interested in a management consulting career. To serve this purpose, AMCA organises the following activities:

  • Consulting case practice sessions
  • Networking events
  • Maintaining alumni network
  • Collaboration with management consulting companies
  • Collaboration with other student associations of Aalto University, as well as management consulting associations of other universities.

Become an AMCA member

Aegee Helsinki


AEGEE is the biggest interdisciplinary student association of Europe with over 12000 members in over 200 different university cities of Europe. In Finland the active antennas are AEGEE-Helsinki and AEGEE-Turku. The main goal of the association is to improve the
co-operation and mobility among students in Europe through local activities and cultural exchanges. AEGEE is a politically independent, nonprofit and voluntary association.

Our antenna has members from both the University of Helsinki and Aalto University. Our events are coordination by a board of 8 members. We organize local activities every month and have about three European level activities per year. Our members also have the possibility to take part in the numerous amount of European level events organized by other AEGEE antennas around Euope.

If you consider yourself as an outgoing person, who is excited about the possibilities in Europe and interested in improving his/her language skills in an international atmosphere, we are the association for you! You’re welcomed to join our activities at any time of the year!

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AIESEC Aalto is part of the world’s largest student association network. The goal of our association is to increase culture awareness and develope students’ leadership skills. We arrange opportunities for Aalto university students to volunteer abroad. for our members, we have national seminars around Finland.

As our member you would help with organizing promotion events about our Global Zitizen-project destinations, help the volunteers in preparin for the event, and connect Finnish companies with trainees coming from other international trainees.

Most of our members are with international background, and our communications is in english. You are welcome to join us!


BEST Helsinki

Board of European Students of Technology, also known as BEST, is a non-profit student organisation, which strives to develop and help students to network by organising academic and leisure events across the Europe. BEST is a great opportunity for internationally minded people to build up their career skills and to make life-long friends. More about our events and values can be found from our general website

BEST Helsinki is one of the 96 local groups within Europe and works side by side with other students at Aalto University. We warmly welcome everyone who is open-minded to our activities. By joining to our Observer chat in Telegram (link below), you will get informed about our coming activities locally and internationally.

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CEMS Club Helsinki

CEMS Club Helsinki help its members to create an exceptional network and inculcate the “CEMS spirit”. This spirit is a mix of curiosity, passion and awareness which will enable them to become the leaders of tomorrow.

Read more about CEMS Master in International Management:


Chinese Students & Scholars Association at Aalto University

Chinese Students and Scholars Association at Aalto University (CSSA-Aalto) is a non-profit, non-religious, non-political public welfare organization serving Chinese students studying and working at Aalto University. The goal is to help Chinese students and scholars to adapt and integrate into the Finnish studying and working environment as soon as possible.

The association is responsible for:

1. Regularly organizing cultural and sports activities to enhance understanding and friendship among students and scholars in Aalto University.
2. Cooperate with the consulate of China to solve dilemmas and problems that Chinese students and scholars have in their life and work.
3. Spread knowledge about Chinese culture and promote academic and cultural exchanges between China and Finland.

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ESN Aalto

ESN Aalto is the local section of ESN Finland and ESN International as a whole. We arrange events mainly for exchange and international students at Aalto University, but we welcome everyone from Aalto whether they are studying through Erasmus or not. Also Finns are warmly welcome.


Kaledonistit – Hart House Finnish Exchange

Kaledonistit is an exchange program between three universities in Helsinki and the University of Toronto in Canada. The exchange was founded in 1951 by students of the Helsinki University of Technology. Nowadays, the exchange is open to students of Aalto University, the University of Helsinki and the Hanken School of Economics. In Canada, the program is known as the Hart House Finnish Exchange.

The exchange functions in four-year cycles. In the autumn of 2018 we chose seven Finnish students to spend the 2019 summer in Toronto. In 2021, the selected group of Finns will host eight Canadian students in Helsinki. In 2022, a new group of Finnish students will be selected.

Traditionally, the summer spent abroad includes a two-week road trip in Canada, after which the students start their two-month-long internship. This provides the participating Finns a great opportunity to get to know the cultural and corporate life in Canada.

KY sub logo_uusi


KY International Subcommittee (KY-SUB) is a student-driven organization for international business students, mainly focused on exchange students. The subcommittee was founded in 2006 to enhance the communication between local and international students by organizing trips, events and parties. We create unforgettable memories and friendships with our trips to Lapland, St. Petersburg and Stockholm every semester. In short, KY-SUB is the perfect association where international students can meet both local and other international students while having fun!

Nesu-Probba logo


NESU-Probba is the NESU-organization of Aalto University School of Business, Mikkeli Campus. The organization was founded in 2007 and at the time it was part of the student organization Probba. Since 2011 NESU-Probba has been an independent organization arranging annually at least six academic dinner parties called “sits”. The organization works in cooperation with 12 other NESU-cities and at the national level, NESU-Finland. The organization aims to promote the Nordic university student culture and in particular, the sits culture. At the events organized by NESU-Probba, students get excellent opportunities to network and have fun.

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Nippoli ry

Nippoli is an association for learners of Japanese language and for anyone interested in Japan or Japanese culture. We organize various events with the Japanese exchange students currently in the area and other students who are studying Japanese language.

Our main events are the sauna parties which are held around four to five times a year. In our events you can easily get to know other students who are interested in the Japanese language and culture, and also Japanese exchange students. In the sauna parties we serve both Finnish and Japanese dishes.

One of the goals of Nippoli is to familiarize the students of Japanese language and the Japanese exchange students with each other. We are always open for new ideas for events which could further help us to reach this goal. Welcome to have fun in good company and to form international friendships which at best last for a lifetime.


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