Insignia used by Aalto students

Making a rosette from the student union sash

On this page, you will find step-by-step instructions on how to make a rosette from a sash.

1. Take a piece of sash about half a metre long and fold it into overlapping loops to create two loops on each side. This easy method works because both sides of the AYY sash are identical. However, if the sash has a clearly shiny and matte side, the loops must be assembled in two layers, making the process a bit more complicated. Secure them with a needle in the centre and cut the sash – but leave some leeway. You will need about a 10-centimetre piece of sash for the final step.


2. Check the symmetry of the rosette by folding the opposite loops towards each other. Attach the centre of the rosette by sewing or quickly stapling, both from the front and back for added security. This attachment does not need to be pretty, but it's more important to ensure that it is sturdy – a strong central attachment makes the rosette look sharp. Trim off any excess sash at a suitable length.


3. Attach the rosette's band to the back of the sash in the centre with a needle. It's important to be precise and careful to ensure a beautiful final result. Sew the end of the sash securely in the right place on the rosette. 


4. Check the centering on the front of the rosette and secure it with a needle. 


5. Take the sash back to the back of the rosette and cut it to the suitable length.


6. Sew the end of the sash close to the initial attachment point, preferably slightly overlapping. It's important to do precise work here, with many small stitches, especially towards the edges of the band, to ensure stability. 


7. Sew the band attachment point with a sturdy needle, preferably a jewelry needle available from a craft store rather than a regular safety pin. A safety pin will suffice, but a jewelry needle will keep the rosette closer to the fabric and make it look more sharp.


8. When making the rosette, pay attention to the fact that the rosette can be made upside down! Since the AYY sash is worn on the right shoulder and the rosette is also on the right side, the silver stripe's correct position is below and on the outside. If the rosette is made from the sash that women wear on the right, the same rule – ‘down and out’ – applies. The correct position for the rosette on the attire is an area about the size of a hand between the shoulder, neck, and chest. Like the sash, the rosette should not touch bare skin.

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