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AYY offers housing mainly to degree students and exchange students studying at Aalto University. AYY members are granted a right of residence on the basis of the right to study, and members who have the right of residence can apply for housing.

Note! Queuing position is not visible from 1st of September onwards. We are currently updating the content of the housing website to reflect the new resident selection model approved by the Council of Representatives in the spring. We strive to have the website updated as the resident selection policies are put into practice in the systems. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause! You can get the most up-to-date information by contacting Housing Services. Read about our living regulations

Right of Residence

Living in AYY’s apartments requires AYY membership and a valid right of residence. When you have registered for non-attendance, you can keep your apartment during your absence from studies, if you are absent due to parental leave or are going to perform military service, including civil service and voluntary military service.

Persons selected for Aalto University's bachelor’s and master’s programmes are granted the right of residence for a total of five years. Those selected for the master's programme only are granted the right of residence for two years, starting from the time the student first attends Aalto University. Students completing their degree in Mikkeli are also granted the right of residence for five years, starting from their bachelor’s studies. The right of residence of exchange students is determined in accordance with the right to study granted to them.

The right of residence can be extended or compensated for various reasons. Read more about compensating the right of residence.

An applicant with children may be granted an additional period of two years for their right of residence. The right of residence may also be extended for health reasons by a maximum of one year if an applicant has suffered from a disorder or illness that has slowed down his or her studies.

If you are applying for housing as a family, i.e. with a partner or children, only one of the applicants has to be a member of AYY with the right of residence. When applying with friends, all applicants must be members of AYY who have the right of residence.

Please contact AYY’s housing services if your right of residence has been incorrectly registered in the Domo system.

New Students

When Can I Apply for Housing? What Kind of Attachments Do I Need?

As a new degree student, you can apply for housing as soon as you have confirmed your place of study. When creating a Domo account, you will need some proof that you have confirmed your place of study at Aalto University. For example, a screenshot of the Opintopolku / Studyinfo service is sufficient. Your name must be visible in the attachment. Please note that the Studyinfo in the mobile view may not display all the information required from the appendix. We therefore recommend that you use a computer to take a screenshot (you can find an example image at the bottom of the page.)

International degree students can apply AYY Housing after they have received Admission letter from Aalto University and this Admission letter must be attached to the application in Domo.

As an exchange student, you can apply for an apartment as soon as you have applied for exchange studies at Aalto University. You need to be member of AYY to be able to accept a possible housing offer. When creating a Domo account, select “exchange student” as your student type and include a certificate of applying for or receiving an exchange study place. The attachment can be, for example, an e-mail you received from Aalto University. Please note that the attachment must indicate that you are the one who applied for or received the exchange place, i.e. the screenshot or e-mail must include some of your contact details.

As a student in Mikkeli, you can apply for an apartment in the Helsinki metropolitan area as soon as you are informed about your place of study in Mikkeli. In other words, you can start queuing for housing even if you live in Mikkeli at the beginning of your studies. By postponing the date of moving in your apartment application, you will ensure that you do not receive a housing offer too early.

New Students’ Applications for Shared Apartments

AYY wants to support as many new Aalto University students as possible to find a student apartment and thus help them to start their studies effectively. For this reason, new degree students and exchange students receive one additional score for their housing applications for AYY’s shared apartments.

New degree students and exchange students are informed of receiving a study place at different times, so for the sake of fairness, the time of sending the housing application cannot affect the location of new students in the housing queue for shared apartments. Therefore, the place of all new student applications in the queue for shared apartments will be drawn. The order of applications sharing the same score in the queue will be drawn, so that new applications in the queue can be placed ahead of previously submitted applications, even if they have the same score.

The draw and the additional score of new students go hand in hand, meaning that the drawn order is valid until the additional score expires. The additional score for new students is valid from July of the first year of attendance until the end of February of the following year. Because of the draw, the place of an individual application for shared apartments can change several times.

Registering for Non-Attendance

You can apply for housing immediately, even if you have registered for non-attendance for your first academic term or year. Those who are non-attending for statutory reasons may also exceptionally live in AYY’s housing despite registering for non-attendance. Statutory reasons for non-attendance include conscription or voluntary military service, as well as maternity, paternity or parental leave.

If you do not want housing before you begin your studies, change the desired moving date on your application for the following year, for the month you will begin your studies at the earliest (those who were non-attending for the autumn term set their moving date for January at the earliest, and those who were non-attending for the entire academic year set it for August). Apply for additional scores for your application and attach a free-form notice explaining when you are about to start your studies, so that the housing services know how to correct your right of residence and the validity period of the additional score for new students.

Application Instructions
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