How to Apply for Housing

Application Instructions

AYY’s apartments are applied for in the Domo system. In Domo, you can find approximate floor plans and more detailed information on the apartments and their rents. You can also follow the progress of your application and update it in Domo. The apartment offers are sent by email, and the apartment is accepted by signing the agreement in connection with accepting the offer.

1. Check your eligibility and read the instructions

Check your eligibility and read these instructions carefully before making an application. New student! Please read these instructions first!

To submit an application, applicants must confirm that they have read and accepted these instructions and the conditions and responsibilities included in them.


2. Create a Domo account and apply

Creating an account

To apply for apartments, you must create a Domo account. Take care when creating an account and making applications – if it becomes evident that an apartment has been applied for under false pretences, the application can be rejected or an apartment offer cancelled.

All apartment offers are sent by email to the email address provided by the applicant in the system. It is the applicant’s responsibility to check that they are able to receive emails from the Domo system. AYY is not responsible for situations in which an applicant has not reacted to an apartment offer sent to them, for example, because the message has ended up in the junk mail folder. Domo system does not support hotmail email address, so AYY recommends using for example the email in the Domo system.

If you accept that your contact details can be passed on, the new resident will receive your contact details before you move out. This way, the new resident can contact you, for example, regarding the timing of the move or the exchange of keys.

All applicants must declare their income and wealth. Income and wealth are defined in accordance with ARA’s resident selection guide (in Finnish). All earned and unearned income, such as salary, bonuses, an adult study grant or an adult education allowance, are considered as income. A study grant, social assistance or a housing supplement are also counted as income.

AYY’s apartments do not have an income or wealth limit, but applicants with less income and wealth are prioritised over other applicants in an equally urgent need of an apartment.

Moving date on the application

AYY will not offer you an apartment whose tenancy starts earlier than the date you have provided in your application.

If, for example, you want to ensure that you receive an apartment offer with at least one month’s notice in order to terminate your current tenancy agreement in time, you can always update your moving date far enough into the future.

Choosing an apartment

In Domo, AYY’s apartments are grouped into apartment groups that are based on the type (e.g. studio) and location (e.g. Jätkäsaari) of the apartment. The apartment groups play an important role in your apartment search. When you receive an offer for an apartment in a certain apartment group, e.g. a single room in a shared apartment in the Teekkari Village, all apartments in this apartment group are removed from your applications, and you cannot restore your position in the queues for the apartment group in question.

In Domo, application to AYY’s apartments can be narrowed down to specific apartments, which means that each apartment has its own queue. It is recommendable to only apply for apartments you are actually prepared to accept, as once you have received an apartment offer, you can only restore your old position in the queues of three apartment groups (excepting the group your offer was from).

At the moment, you cannot apply for two-room apartments or bigger apartments alone.

You can find more information on the properties in Domo by clicking the orange magnifying glass to the right of the apartment’s address.

Scoring of Applications

3. Follow and update your application in Domo

Processing of applications

Apartment applications are processed at AYY’s Housing Services and scored in accordance with the scoring guideline.

If you have applied for an AYY apartment before and have no new attachments to your new application, Domo will process your application automatically. So, if you are applying for urgency scores, make sure to attach the document based on which you are applying for the scores to each application separately.

Following and editing

Once the application has been processed, you can monitor the progress of your queuing in Domo.

You can also edit your application, i.e. you can remove apartments and change the moving date without this affecting your placement in the queue. If, for example, your income or life situation changes in a way that affects receiving urgency scores, please update your account details or your application. You can add new attachments to your application, in which case the application will be reviewed again and may be rescored.

Application’s position in the queue

The applications are placed in a queue based on their application dates and scores. Exceptions to this are new students’ applications to single rooms in shared apartments: their position in the queue is determined by a lottery process, which means that their application dates are irrelevant.

The application’s position in the queue may vary if its scoring changes due to changes in the applicant’s life or if applications made to the same queue later gain more scores and move ahead of the application. In addition, queues for the shared apartments are affected by the lottery.


An apartment application is valid for three months from its submission date. The Domo system sends the applicant email reminders of the application’s expiry.

If the applicant does not renew their apartment application, it will be removed from the queue. Expired applications will not be restored back in the queue.


4. React to apartment offers

An apartment offer must be accepted within the time specified in the offer.

An offer is accepted by uploading the signed tenancy agreement into the Domo system. The signed agreement is checked by the Housing Services and signed digitally. A signed agreement is immediately binding.

Please pay attention to the appearance and quality of the attachment you upload, as the attachment in question is your official tenancy agreement. Also note that all tenants in the apartment must sign the same agreement, as only one file can be uploaded into Domo.

It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that they are able to accept an offer by email. If you are unable to check your email due to a trip, for example, notify Housing Services. This way, when necessary, they will be able to grant you enough time to react to the apartment offer.

If you do not want to accept the apartment for some reason, please reject the offer as quickly as possible, so that it can be offered to the next person in line straightaway.


5. What happens next?

Restoring applications to the queue

When you receive an apartment offer, your applications to all apartment groups are removed from the queue. However, you may restore three apartment groups into the queue, excepting the apartment group your offer was from.

The apartment groups being in separate applications does not affect the restoring. If the applicant has applied to the same apartment group, e.g. studios in the Teekkari Village, in multiple applications and chooses to restore the Teekkari Village studios after receiving an offer, Domo is able to restore all Teekkari Village studios that have been applied for, even if they were in separate applications. It is always three apartment groups that can be restored into the queue, even if the applicant has multiple applications applying to different apartment groups.

Terminating an agreement

As apartment offers are accepted by signing a tenancy agreement, an accepted offer can only be cancelled by terminating the tenancy agreement. Please note that the notice period of a tenancy agreement is one full calendar month.

If you want to terminate the agreement before it begins, contact AYY’s Housing Services, as it is not possible to terminate agreements in Domo before the tenancy period has begun.

Waiting period

After you sign an agreement, AYY will not offer you a new apartment in the same apartment group for six months. You may, however, receive a transfer to an apartment in a different apartment group after two months already.

Deposit and rent

AYY sends tenants separate invoices for the payment of the deposit and the rent. The invoices are typically sent around the turn of the month as the tenancy begins. The due date is the 6th day of the month.


The keys are picked up at the AYY Office (Otakaari 11) on the moving day. An exchange of keys can also be arranged with the resident moving out. See the detailed instructions in the moving-in instructions.

For New Residents
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