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AYY’s services for associations

AYY offers a wide range of services and benefits for its associations.

On this page, you will find brief descriptions of services offered for associations, grouped into facilities, training sessions and advice, IT services and communications. In addition to the services outlined below, there are also other services available for subject associations.

The comprehensive Association Guide includes information on how to establish and register an association, information on administration and finances, as well as community-related topics. The section about association funding and financial support is worth reading to check how associations are allocated operating grants, start-up grants and support from the TTE-Fund. In order to access the services, associations must belong to AYY’s association register. Instructions on how to apply for the association register can be found in the Association Guide.

The services available are slightly different depending on the type of the association.  For more information, please check the Association Guide.

With all matters concerning associations and association activities, please contact AYY’s Association Sector [LINKKI yhteystietoihin].

Association Guide (external link)

On this guide, you can find nearly everything that associations operating within AYY need for their operations’ support and safeguard.

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Benefits for associations

Aalto University Student Union offers operating grants and start-up grants for its associations.


Rent facilities or van

AYY members can rent saunas, meeting rooms, event venues, and a van at a low cost. The facilities are located in Espoo and Helsinki.


Association newsletter

You can find AYY’s association newsletters here.



Facilities for individual events or longer-term rent. A van is also available to rent.

Training and advice

Association training in November and advice regarding e.g. amendments to rules.

IT and Communications services

AYY is discontinuing the IT services intended for associations. The mailing list service is still available until the end of 2024.


General Data Protection (external link)

Core Points for Associations Regarding Data Protection.


Communications and archiving

Important information for association operators in the weekly association newsletter, channels to advertise events, a PO box and archiving services.

Benefits for associations with special status

Associations with special status are offered various benefits in order to safeguard interests and ensure close cooperation between AYY and associations.

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