Changes to AYY’s resident selection in the autumn

Changes will be made to the resident selection of Aalto University Student Union. The changes are related to the reform of housing regulations. We will provide more information on changes in the autumn once the systems have been tested and we can implement the changes.
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In the autumn of 2023, grounds for AYY’s resident selection will change to comply with the new housing regulations approved by the Representative Council and the related resident selection appendix. The changes are based on the ARA regulations and the new Act on Interest Subsidy for Rental Housing Loans and Right of Occupancy Housing Loans, which oblige the student union to allocate housing more accurately to those who need it the most.

AYY’s apartments are ARA apartments built with state subsidy and residents must be selected based on the need for housing instead of queuing. In the future, more priority will be given to the urgency of housing need, and applicants in urgent need of housing will be required to apply for a sufficient number of different apartments. Housing is primarily offered to AYY members.

Changes to systems

Due to the resident selection reform, changes are also made to AYY’s systems. Changes in the resident selection affect the application for housing and the order in which housing is offered. The former scoring and queuing system will be discontinued. Due to the changes, you can no longer check your own queue status in the system and only the urgency category of the application is visible to the applicant.

Systems will be tested during the summer, and we aim to launch the new resident selection model in the autumn of 2023. We aim to transfer the current applications directly to the revised system, but we also ask the applicants to be prepared to resubmit their applications.

We will provide more information once the systems have been tested and we can introduce the new resident selection model.

Representative Council decided on amendments to housing regulations
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