AYY reappointed Henrik Vuornos to Hoas Board of Directors

At its meeting on 6 Oct, the AYY Board has appointed Vuornos to the Hoas Board of Directors for a new two-year term of 2023 and 2024.
Sampo Sainio ja Henrik Vuornos

he predecessors of the Aalto University Student Union were establishing the Foundation for Student Housing in the Helsinki Region in 1969. As a result, AYY has the right to appoint three members to the Hoas Board of Directors, consisting of ten members.   

Henrik Vuornos has served on the Hoas Board of Directors with AYY’s mandate since 2021 and the Student Union has been pleased with the cooperation.   

”It is important to ensure that there is adequate student housing in the metropolitan area. Hoas plays an important role in ensuring AYY students have adequate housing near campus with good public transport connections”, says Vuornos.  

The City of Espoo is a close partner of the Student Union and Vuornos has deepened this cooperation throughout his two-year term. He represents the National Coalition Party and currently chairs the Espoo City Board. 

“It is a clear goal of Espoo that more and more university students could be rooted in the city and live close to campus. Hoas has many important student housing projects underway in Otaniemi. It is in everyone’s interest that these projects are proceeding smoothly”, says Vuornos. 

Hoas provides a home to more than 18,000 students, making the foundation by far the largest provider of student housing in the metropolitan area. This year, AYY has been the pacesetter and particularly focused on raising the sustainable development goals in the activities of the foundation.  

”From the perspective of the Student Union, the foundation is an important channel for improving students’ housing situation, and it is crucial that the Board of Directors consists of competent members”, says Sampo Sainio, Member of the AYY Board responsible for housing.  

At its meeting on 6 Oct, the AYY Board has appointed Vuornos to the Hoas Board of Directors for a new two-year term of 2023 and 2024. 

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