AYY participates in national energy saving efforts as a property owner

AYY saves energy by monitoring the energy and water consumption of its residential properties, and by reducing the number of sauna reservations. Personal sauna reservations are not available from 1 Jan to 31 Mar 2023, but residents can use the sauna during public sauna shifts.
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As a result of the energy crisis, AYY, like other property owners, has sought to find the most effective energy saving measures that could be implemented during the autumn and in the near future. AYY wants to help prevent the threatening energy crisis in order to provide electricity for all over the winter and to avoid the need to resort to rotating power outages. The peaks in electricity prices have been predicted to be at their highest in the coldest months of winter and Finland may have to resort to rotating power outages.

The state-owned Motiva and the main network company Fingrid distributed plenty of concrete information in the autumn, which AYY has used in the planning of energy saving measures for its properties. AYY has also utilised the material in its member and resident communications and has provided its members and residents with information on actions that can help reduce the possibility of power outages and the economic impact of the energy crisis.

AYY monitors the energy consumption of its properties and keeps saunas only for public shifts

AYY monitors the energy and water consumption of its residential properties, which helps us to notice leaking plumbing fixtures quickly, for example. AYY has checked the building automation during the autumn and with various measures seeks to reduce the average temperature of the system to avoid unnecessary energy loss without compromising living conditions. For example, hot water settings are set to minimise the energy loss of the circulating water-supply system, the heating settings of ventilation machines are harmonised, the performance of heat recovery systems is ensured and heating curves are set more evenly. AYY also monitors the temperature levels of secondary facilities, such as storage space and stairways, and aims to adjust the temperature to about 18 degrees, which is slightly below the living temperature.

In the coldest winter months, AYY saves energy by reducing the number of sauna reservations. Personal sauna reservations are not available from 1 Jan to 31 Mar 2023, but residents can use the sauna during public sauna shifts. At the residents’ meetings, AYY has listened to the residents’ wishes for the schedule of public sauna shifts.


No changes to apartment temperatures

The energy saving measures are not taken at the expense of living comfort and AYY ensures that our residential properties are safe and healthy. AYY aims to maintain room temperatures at 21-22 °C, and residents can also adjust the temperature lower if they wish. The aim of AYY is to find and correct overheating and imbalances in the automation system. So, please let us know if your apartment is too hot or too cold!

In 2023, energy efficiency will be further enhanced by the regular inspection of building automation systems. In this way, we can optimise settings, find possible areas of development and correct any defects if necessary. In addition, necessary measures to improve energy efficiency in buildings will be taken in 2023. Such measures may include, among other things, improving lighting controls and replacing light sources and powered ventilators with more energy efficient ones, sealing windows or installing thermal glasses to reduce heat leaks.

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