Association newsletter for week 17/2019

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This is the AYY association newsletter for week 17/2019

Easter greetings from the AYY Office! Remember to catch your breath a bit over the Easter holidays and to eat enough Easter eggs.

Upcoming events and important dates for associations

20 Apr: Sitsi Competition (
23 Apr: Aalto Open Air (
24 Apr: Application for AYY’s scholarships ends (item 2,
29 Apr: Tour de Walpuri (item 3,, registration as checkpoint organiser ends on 22 Apr)
30 Apr: Wappurieha declaration, Manta crowning and Dipoli Wappu (item 4,
4 May: Village clean-up (item 7)
6 May: Advance booking of rentable facilities starts (see exact dates at item 6)
8 May: Save the date: Associations’ afterwork
13 May: Flower Day
18 May: AYY 9th Annual Ball (

Find more events at (in Finnish) and AYY’s Wappu at

Contents of the newsletter

1. The Representative Council has decided upon the Community structures project’s direction and appointed AYY’s new Executive Director
2. Apply for AYY’s scholarships by 24 Apr!
3. Checkpoint organisers for Tour de Walpuri on 29 Apr
4. AYY transport from Otaniemi to Etelärautatienkatu at Wappu
5. Everything a student needs for the First of May from Clas Ohlson
6. Preliminary info on the dates of the advance booking of rentable facilities
7. Save the Date – Village Cleanup on 4 May
8. AYY’s guide for event organisers

1. The Representative Council has decided upon the Community structures project’s direction and appointed AYY’s new Executive Director

In its meeting yesterday, the Representative Council decided on the plan for the development of community structures. The plan has been formed as the result of the Community structures project based on investigative work, discussions and comment rounds carried out in the community as well as on the preliminary discussions of the Representative Council.

Association classification will be developed in a direction where the associations are classified based on their operations as, for example, subject organisations, hobby and culture organisations and other organisations instead of the previous, more hierarchical structure. This enables multiform support and grants to be distributed easier, based on the needs of different associations. The updates of the Association Regulation, operating grant distribution and facility distribution will be carried out as separate projects, and associations will be able to participate in the update processes.

There is a model being planned for decision-making on Teekkari matters that goes by the working title of Guild Meeting. The purpose of the Meeting is to draw up policies on, for example, permission to wear the cap and other significant aspects of the Teekkari activities. A regulation will be created on the Guild Meeting, which will be prepared in cooperation with the Teekkari operators.

Next, more detailed schedules will be planned for the proposed measures related to the project and the resources allocated to these thought about. Nowhere near all of the revisions will be implemented this year. The plan is to renew the distribution process of the operating grants, for example, only during 2020. You will be informed of the tangible plans as they become clearer.

Thanks to all association operators for their participation so far and their comments regarding the Community structures project.

You can watch a recording of yesterday’s discussions at
The meeting materials can be found here:

In addition, Elina Nieminen was appointed as AYY’s new Executive Director. She is currently working at AYY on the Community structures project. Congratulations!

2. Apply for AYY’s scholarships by 24 Apr!

This spring, AYY is distributing exchange, community and study scholarships to support the internationalisation and communal activities of students and to encourage the successful combination of studies and student life. Among association operators especially, there may be members who are actively developing the community and can be supported with a community scholarship for achievements in communal activities.

The scholarships can be applied for until Wednesday 24 Apr at 11.59 pm.

You can find more information on the scholarships and the application form here:

3. Checkpoint organisers for Tour de Walpuri on 29 Apr

Wappu greetings from your Culture Directors as well! This year, in the night of the Wappu eve’s eve on 29 Apr, Tour de Walpuri takes the place of the traditional Crazy John. The event’s concept remains the same, however; only the name has been changed to a more descriptive one. The idea is for participants to tour all over Otaniemi and complete brief tasks at various checkpoints, earning them points for their score card. Hence, to ensure the event’s success, we need checkpoint organisers for the event. So, register your association, group of friends or other party to organise a checkpoint at Tour de Walpuri:

It is worth it to put some effort into your checkpoint, as the best one will be rewarded with an awesome Wappu basket as well as a free rental of an AYY rentable sauna, to be used by the end of the year.

If you have anything to ask about the event or organising a checkpoint, contact the Culture Directors:

Roope Pääkkönen TG: @Rooipw Email: [email protected]
Samuli Vehkomäki TG: @Vehkomaki Email: [email protected]

4. AYY transport from Otaniemi to Etelärautatienkatu at Wappu

This year, AYY is crowning the Havis Amanda statue and, in the usual way, offering rides from the Otaniemi end station to the KY Building, where NESU-KY is organising the traditional Wapputerde. The latter offers a splendid opportunity to raise your spirits for AYY and KY’s collective Manta march that starts its journey towards the statue from the same location at 4 pm.

Buses towards Wapputerde are departing at regular intervals at 1.30–3.30 pm. More info will be announced in AYY’s Wappu event at

5. Everything a student needs for the First of May from Clas Ohlson

Clas Ohlson inspires with its practical solutions and makes a student’s home even better as well. The Otaniemi Lab Store contains everything that students need in their home during their studies. The product selection has been designed for students’ needs e.g. by studying what kinds of products and services students need and by analysing their shopping baskets from the past few years. The product selection is updated together with the students, and it changes regularly along with the seasons and needs.

The whole product selection of Clas Ohlson can be ordered into the store for free, and most of the selection can be delivered to the store already on the same day. You get a 10% discount on all products by showing a valid student ID. For students’ First of May, Clas Ohlson has everything on offer from picnic paraphernalia to solar-cell lights. Find more inspiration for the spring on Clas Ohlson’s own website and on social media:


6. Preliminary info on the dates of the advance booking of rentable facilities

The advance booking of AYY’s rentable facilities, also known as tilakähmyt, will start on Monday 6 May 2019 for associations. As usual, the bookings are made using AYY’s own booking system TILA. TILA can be found at, and users can log on with the Aalto University IT user details. The easiest way to get started is to read the instructions behind the Help link in the menu bar at the top of the page.

You can make advance bookings for the period of Mon 12 Aug 2019–Sun 5 Jan 2020.

The schedule for facility reservations in the system is as follows:

1. AYY’s internal operators, 15 Apr–3 May 2019

2. Special status associations
The reservation period begins at 12 noon on Mon 6 May 2019 and ends at 12 noon on Tue 14 May.
Booking session 1: Tue 14 May from 4.30 pm onwards in hall R001/M232 M1 of the Undergraduate Centre (Otakaari 1).

3. Other associations in the 1st list
The reservation period begins at 12 noon on Wed 15 May 2019 and ends at 12 noon on Tue 21 May.
Booking session 2: Tue 21 May from 4.30 pm onwards in hall R001/M232 M1 of the Undergraduate Centre (Otakaari 1).

More detailed booking instructions will be announced later in the association newsletter as well as a separate email sent to all associations.

7. Save the Date – Village Cleanup on 4 May

Once you have had some time to recover from the Wappu frolics, it is time to help our campus in this recovery process as well. This can be done best at the collective cleaning effort of the Teekkari Village, also known as the Village Cleanup. So, put down Saturday 4 May in your diary and grab a pair of cleaning gloves to put on as you arrive. Encourage your association’s members to come along to the Cleanup too. As per tradition, the cleanup crew have the opportunity to take a sauna and enjoy each other’s company after the cleaning work.

8. AYY’s guide for event organisers

The AYY Event Organiser Guide contains a huge spread of information all the way from event organisers’ legal obligations to an event safety checklist, equality and environmental issues, crisis communications, first aid instructions and many other guidelines important for event organisers.

You can find the Event Guide here, in the Association Guide’s Materials bank: (in Finnish).


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