Association newsletter for week 23/2019

This is the AYY association newsletter for week 23/2019

The AYY Board has decided upon the grants distributed to associations in its meeting (item 1). If you missed out on submitting your association notice in March, the late submission is now open and ends on 30 Jun (item 2). Additionally, you can check your association’s profile in the beta version of the new website and report any changes to us (item 3).

The association newsletter is starting its summer break after this newsletter. Have a sunny and relaxing summer, everyone!
Upcoming events and important dates for associations
3 Sept: Aalto Party and Aalto Afterparty
21 Sept: Otaniemi Night of Arts
28 Oct–5 Nov: AYY Representative Council election
2–4 Dec: AYY’s association training
16 May 2020: Save the Date: AYY 10th Annual Ball, Finlandia Hall


Contents of the newsletter
1. Operating grants for 2019 have now been allocated
2. Missing association notices must be made by Sun 30 Jun
3. Association profiles and link to update form on AYY’s new website
4. Association Guide and training materials for new Boards
5. Get your association into shape for the summer with these tips!
6. Advertise your association’s services in the association newsletter
7. Organise a subevent for Otaniemi Night of Arts on 21 Sept
8. Store traces of your association operations in history – remember to archive
9. Internationalisation A to Z guide to help out your association

1.Operating grants for 2019 have now been allocated
The operating grants for 2019 have been allocated, and the grant amounts can be found at

Grants will be paid out to a total of 120 associations. The operating grants will be paid out once all the grant conditions have been met. The payment orders will be made soon, and the funds will be available on the account recorded in the TAHLO system in Midsummer week at the latest if everything is in order with your association.

Missing appendices? Both the appendices that were granted extra time and those that were otherwise missing must be submitted before the grant is paid out. Submit the missing appendices via the TAHLO system or to [email protected] by 30 Jun at the latest. Associations will not be separately contacted regarding appendices that were granted extra time but these must be submitted in accordance with the instructions sent as the extra time was granted. Others will be sent a message and told which appendices were missing or inadequate. Check the required appendices here:

Faulty profile? If there are flaws in an association’s profile on the AYY website or anything else needing attention, you will be contacted separately. The renewed update instructions can be found at item 3. The profile must be in order in accordance with the instructions given during the application round before an operating grant is paid out.

Once you have submitted or corrected something that was missing (appendices, profiles, numbers of members), please let us know at jarjestoasiat(a) and we will make the payment order for your grant.

Feedback received on the new type of application has been mainly positive. If you want to send us more positives or negatives, we can develop the grant application process further:


2. Missing association notices must be made by Sun 30 Jun
Each association operating within AYY must submit an association notice annually. Associations that have not yet filed an association notice for 2019 must do so by 11.59 pm on 30 Jun. Operating grants can no longer be applied for. If the association fails to file an association notice in the allocated time for the second year in a row, it may be removed from the Student Union’s association register altogether.

The association notice is submitted in the TAHLO system, available at You log in with your association’s user details, and forgotten user details can be restored to the email recorded as the association’s shared address at

Carefully fill in all details on TAHLO’s tabs General, Board, Facilities and Attachments. The information can be updated until the form closes at 11.59 pm on 30 Jun, so everything does not have to be done at once. Remember to save the changes before you exit the tab!

When filling in the association notice, you need the following appendices:

*   the current rules
*   the annual report from 2018
*   the operational plan for 2019

Remember to also update your association profile on the AYY website at For more detailed instructions, see If you have any questions or problems, do not hesitate to contact the Organisation Sector (jarjestoasiat at


3. Association profiles and link to update form on AYY’s new website
The beta version of AYY’s new website will be published on Monday 3.6. (We apologize that, for a little while, the address is redirecting to sitefactory. We’ll get the “real” beta running as soon as possible) As usual, you can find the associations’ profiles on there, grouped based on their operations. If you spot something in your profile that needs fixing or have been asked to update it to receive an operating grant, submit the new text or contact details via the form.

Check your association’s profile here: (HENNA TARKISTAA TÄMÄN)

The contents have been copied from the old website, but some need to be updated. From now on, associations cannot edit their own section on the AYY website but any changes are made using this form:

Remember to always edit all three language versions! The minimum requirement is to write the profile in two languages. Do not update your profile on the old website anymore. In early autumn, associations will be sent the user details for the website so that you can add your association’s open events into the calendar found on the site.

You can ask for more information and give feedback on the website at [email protected]


4. Association Guide and training materials for new Boards
In some associations, a new Board will step in ahead of the summer. Hence, it is good to remind you of the help you have available, such as the Association Guide and the location of last autumn’s association training materials. Please pass this information on to your new operators!

The Association Guide features a multitude of information that associations operating within AYY need to support their operations. The themes cover founding an association, its financial management, administration and equality alike. And plenty of other things! In addition, the extensive Materials bank helps you find essential external sources of information. The sections regarding the financial statement are particularly topical for many of those whose term is ending in the summer.

The Association Guide can be found here:

It is advisable to go through this website carefully at the beginning of your term in office and to keep returning to it along the way. Feedback is definitely welcome, as there are always little things to fix. You can also find the materials from November 2018’s association training here:

In the future, you should first look for answers in the Association Guide and only afterwards contact the Organisation Sector: jarjestoasiat(a) Also, remember to add your new operators onto the associations’ mailing list here: You should also check that your Board’s mailing list is forwarded to the right persons and that the user details are transferred to the new operators to smooth out the transition phase.


5. Get your association into shape for the summer with these tips!
With summer approaching, the operations of many organisations start to slow down for summer hibernation. This makes now a good time to get your organisation’s matters into shape for the summer and to make sure that the things left unorganised from the spring will not be casting a shadow over the summer holidays.

Please make sure that your association’s finances are in order for the spring. This means at least that all of the spring’s transactions, expense claims and receipts are up to date. You can find help on matters related to financial management and accounting in the Association Guide: While you are at it, complete anything left hanging, such as sending messages and gathering the required signatures. If you need advice, jarjestoasiat(a) will answer your questions. Once all spring tasks have been finalised, it is easier to get ready for the autumn and nice to get back to your new tasks in the autumn!

Also, it is a good idea to take at least a bit of a break from organisation chores in the summer, so that your enthusiasm will carry you through the autumn as well. See you at Aalto Party on 3 Sept at the latest!


6. Advertise your association’s services in the association newsletter
Does your association have some equipment, tools, games, dishes or other handy things to lend or rent out to associations operating within AYY? To raise the utilisation rate of the equipment your association owns, try advertising in AYY’s association newsletter. Communal usage makes sense for your wallet as well as the environment! Borrowing and renting is a more sustainable way to get hold of things, as it prevents you from having to buy them new. Praise the sharing economy!

You can submit your compact text (about 50 words), title and link to more information or your contact details to tiedotteet(a) We will be publishing these adverts in the association newsletter throughout the year or at the time you wish.


7. Organise a subevent for Otaniemi Night of Arts on 21 Sept
Otaniemi Night of Arts, the interartistic, open-to-all, free-of-charge campus festival, is organised on 21 Sept this year! What artistic fun could your association bring to the event?

In Otaniemi Night of Arts, all willing Aalto students and student organisations get to put on their own kind of artistic and creative activities. The festival consists of several smaller subevents that are mainly organised by the Aalto community. The goal is to express the creativity and versatility of the entire Aalto community. The event takes place mostly in the vicinity of Väre and the School of Business but also at AYY’s own facilities.

Registration as a subevent organiser will remain open until the beginning of August. You can also sign up right now to take part in organising the biggest and most impressive interartistic event in Otaniemi at

More information is available on the abovementioned website and from [email protected].


8. Store traces of your association operations in history – remember to archive
Is it easy to forget archiving? What is it necessary and worthwhile to archive in the first place? Is your archiving left to the end of the year without you even noticing? Just ahead of the summer is a good time to grab hold of the topic to get this spring’s or your last operating year’s materials safe.

The archive of Aalto University Student Union offers the associations operating within it storage space, equipment and advice on archiving. Archiving is meant to give future operators a vivid idea of the association’s operations. It is worth archiving all self-produced materials relating to the association’s operations as well as other materials that might interest the next generations, all marked appropriately. Tips for limiting your archiving can be found, for example, on the Yhdistystoimijat website (in Finnish).

What is important is that archiving is kept in mind and executed throughout the year. Don’t be afraid to ask for some tips and to contact arkisto(a)


9 The Internationalisation A to Z guide to help out your association
Every fifth Aalto person is an international student. Are they taken into account in the operations and events of your association? Do you need help with internationalisation?

Making student association operations more international may seem difficult, but it can also be implemented in small steps. This guide presents tangible ways to take the international perspective into account both at the association’s events and in its operating methods. The guide is divided in three sections, of which includes things that are easy to implement, B some things that require more investment and C more thorough internationalisation measures that have a wider impact. The aims have been divided into four areas:

Advocacy: How does your association function? How do you take the international perspective into consideration?
New students: How can you get exchange students and international degree students to join the association’s operations?
Events: What kinds of events does your association organise?
Communication: Whom does your communication reach and how? What languages are used in your association?

You can find the Internationalisation A to Z guide in the Association Guide:

We hope that this guide is helpful to you and your association! If you need some help or tips regarding international students or internationalisation, you can reach our specialist Rosa Väisänen and Board member Taneli Myllykangas at [email protected]. Remember to also join the Aalto Internationalchannel on Telegram!



The association newsletter is starting its summer break and returns again in August. Send us your short text by 10 am to tiedotteet (a) The news will be translated, so you only have to use one language.

The information in the newsletter is edited by the AYY Association and Communications Specialist, Essi Puustinen (essi.puustinen (a), tel. 050 520 9442).

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