Association newsletter for week 16/2019

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This is the AYY association newsletter for week 16/2019

Associations are sought to organise checkpoints for Tour de Walpuri (item 3), and all Aalto people are hoped to take part in the march from the KY Building to Manta (item 4). Because of Easter, the association newsletter is published already on Thursday next week, and the materials must be sent in by Tuesday to [email protected].

Upcoming events and important dates for associations

14 Apr: Parliamentary election (
17 Apr: AYY Representative Council meeting 4/2019 (
23 Apr: Aalto Open Air (
29 Apr Tour de Walpuri (item 3,
30 Apr: Wappurieha declaration, Manta crowning and Dipoli Wappu (
18 May: AYY 9th Annual Ball (

Find more events at (in Finnish).

Contents of the newsletter

1. Register your event on the site
2. Manta’s cap to your event
3. Checkpoint organisers for Tour de Walpuri on 29 Apr
4. AYY transport from Otaniemi to Etelärautatienkatu at Wappu
5. Feedback on grant application round
6. Gorsu, Tatami Hall and Village Living Room can be booked again

1. Register your event on the site

Wappu is coming! AYY gathers the Wappu happenings of the whole Aalto community at one address, the website. Want to have your event added to the list? Fill in the form at

If you come up with any questions about the form or the site, you can get in touch with AYY’s Communications Specialist Henna Palonen ([email protected] or 0505209440).

Also, remember that all associations within AYY have the user details to update the calendar on the website. Feel free to add your event on there! Log in at

2. Manta’s cap to your event

As the cleverest have already noticed, this year is AYY’s turn to crown the Havis Amanda statue at Wappu. You now have a unique opportunity to have the Manta cap itself pay your event a visit! AYY will deliver the cap onto site and collect it, so the event organisers only need to reserve a suitable spot for the cap.

The presence of the cap can be requested for any event, and the AYY Crowning Working Group will approve the request if they consider the event suitable for a cap visit! If there are overlapping requests, the working group will decide which event is prioritised. If the cap comes to your event, we hope that your association will publish this on social media with the hashtag #matkallamantalle – AYY will also publish the cap’s visits to your events on its own channels.

By using #matkallamantalle on Instagram (in a public profile), you will be entered into a draw for two plus-one VIP spots with drinks at the Manta Crowning. Feel free to advertise the draw to your members when the cap visits your event!

More information and booking requests can be sent to christian.segercrantz at or @chriau.

Wappu-spirited greetings on behalf of the AYY Crowning Working Group,


3. Checkpoint organisers for Tour de Walpuri on 29 Apr

Wappu greetings from your Culture Directors as well! This year, in the night of the Wappu eve’s eve on 29 Apr, Tour de Walpuri takes the place of the traditional Crazy John. The event’s concept remains the same, however; only the name has been changed to a more descriptive one. The idea is for participants to tour all over Otaniemi and complete brief tasks at various checkpoints, earning them points for their score card. Hence, to ensure the event’s success, we need checkpoint organisers for the event. So, register your association, group of friends or other party to organise a checkpoint at Tour de Walpuri:

It is worth it to put some effort into your checkpoint, as the best one will be rewarded with an awesome Wappu basket as well as a free rental of an AYY rentable sauna, to be used by the end of the year.

If you have anything to ask about the event or organising a checkpoint, contact the Culture Directors:

Roope Pääkkönen TG: @Rooipw Email: [email protected]
Samuli Vehkomäki TG: @Vehkomaki Email: [email protected]

4. AYY transport from Otaniemi to Etelärautatienkatu at Wappu

This year, AYY is crowning the Havis Amanda statue and, in the usual way, offering rides from the Otaniemi end station to the KY Building, where NESU-KY is organising the traditional Wapputerde. The latter offers a splendid opportunity to raise your spirits for AYY and KY’s collective Manta march that starts its journey towards the statue from the same location at 4 pm.

Buses towards Wapputerde are departing at regular intervals at 1.30–3.30 pm. More info will be announced in AYY’s Wappu event at (in Finnish).

5. Feedback on grant application round

We want to improve the grant application process, please give us feedback:

We received a total of 140 applications, and association notices from a total of 170 associations. We will use the association notices to check that the associations still meet the requirements of AYY’s Association Regulation. The applications will be scored in accordance with the scoring model. April will be spent largely on going through these so, apologies in advance for possible delays in replying to your messages. We hope to have the grants paid out before the summer.

A few pointers:

  • If you requested more time for your appendices, please remember to submit the missing appendices according to the schedule we agreed on ([email protected]), and by 31 May at the very latest.
  • If you missed out on making your association notice, you cannot advance your association’s situation until the grant applications have been scored. The Tahlo system will be opened for late submissions before the summer.
  • If you missed out on applying for a grant, your association cannot receive funding from AYY this year. The grant kitty will be divided between those who applied on time. For projects and new ideas, you can try to get funding from the TTE Fund (, in Finnish) or the KY Foundation ( Also, keep in mind the possibilities of corporate collaboration – find training materials on the subject here: (last section of themed day; in Finnish).

Wishing all associations operating within AYY a happy spring!

6. Gorsu, Tatami Hall and Village Living Room can be booked again

The renovations of the rental facilities at Jämeräntaival 5 A – Gorsu, the Village Living Room and the Tatami Hall – were completed in March, and the completely renewed facilities can once again be booked by members and associations.

Gorsu, located on basement level, is suitable for organising different kinds of parties and sauna evenings. The usage hours of Gorsu are 2 pm–3 am, and the sauna is switched on by facility’s booker themself with the controls found at the facility. The Village Living Room is suitable for holding meetings, playing games and watching movies. The usage hours of the Village Living Room are 10 am–11 pm. The Tatami Hall provides an opportunity e.g. to practise a variety of self-defence sports. There is a separate room connected to the facility that can be utilised as a dressing room. The usage hours of the Tatami Hall are 8 am–11 pm.

The Village Living Room and the Tatami Hall are free of charge for members and associations, Gorsu costs 130 €/booking for members and associations. More information on AYY’s rental facilities and their reservation:


Because of Easter, send us your short text already by 10 am on Tuesday to tiedotteet (a) The news will be translated, so you only have to use one language.

The information in the newsletter is edited by the AYY Association and Communications Specialist, Essi Puustinen (essi.puustinen (a), tel. 050 520 9442).

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