Aalto University Student Union Board appointed for 2024

The new Representative Council of AYY has approved the proposal of the former of the Board, Fanni Mattsson, for the composition of the Board for 2024. At the same meeting on 5 Dec 2023, the Vice Chairs of the Representative Council were also elected for 2024.
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Members of the Aalto University Student Union Board for 2024 are:

Fanni Mattsson, ENG, Chair

Mantė Žygelytė, ARTS

Tessa Lehmussaari, ARTS

Olli Tunkelo, CHEM

Saku Turkulainen, CHEM

Veeti Kahilainen, ELEC

Joona Lipponen, ENG

Leevi Koistinen, ENG

Wilma Branders, ENG

Calle Schauman, SCI

The Board, appointed for each calendar year, exercises the administrative and executive powers of the Student Union. The responsibilities of the members of the Board will be formally decided at the first meeting of the Board in early 2024.

‘The newly appointed Board has an excellent starting point to strengthen the Aalto community, which I’m really excited about! In addition, I believe that with this group, we can bring the Board closer to our members and clarify AYY’s decision-making and the related communications, among other things. It’s great to get to work with this amazing team next year for the benefit of all Aalto students’, says Fanni Mattsson, former of the Board and Chair of the 2024 Board. 

The Representative Council also elected the Vice Chairs of the Representative Council at its meeting 2/2024 on Tuesday 5 December. Perttu Antikainen was elected as the first vice chair and Toni Niemi as the second vice chair. At the previous meeting, Sakari Ropponen was elected as the Chair of the Representative Council and Fanni Mattsson as the former of the Board. Read the previous release here.

Further information:

Fanni Mattsson, Former of the AYY Board and Chair of the Board 2024

[email protected]

The Board is responsible for the day-to-day running of the Student Union and for implementing the plan of action. The Board represents the Student Union, supervises the administration of the Student Union and exercises general executive powers within the limits set by the regulations and decisions of the Representative Council. The application for the Board and Chair of the Board takes place every year in October-November.

Aalto University Student Union AYY is a service and advocacy organisation for approximately 17,000 Aalto University students of technology, business and arts. AYY represents the interests of its members in education policy and social matters, in particular.

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