Weekly Newsletter 12/2019

The parliamentary election takes place on Sunday 14 Apr. In Finland, the advance voting is open on 3–9 Apr 2019. Next week, students get to interrogate candidates at the joint election panel of AYY and Aalto at the Learning Centre. Come along! https://www.facebook.com/events/2082530545380588/

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1. AYY’s 9th Annual Ball is here!

AYY’s 9th Annual Ball is celebrated on Saturday 18 May 2019.  All AYY members are welcome at this terrific party.

The celebrations begin with a cocktail event at 3.00 pm, after which the guests are transported to the main event. The Annual Ball is celebrated at the renewed and magnificent Kaivohuone, where everyone can do the floss until dawn! After the Ball, the night continues at Kaivohuone with an afterparty that is open to all students. Bus transport will be arranged from Otaniemi to the afterparty as well, so that it would be easy for everyone to get to the party.

The Annual Ball costs 85 € for students and 110 € for others. Registration will open on 29 Mar 2019 for guests with an invitation, on 5 Apr 2019 for alumni and on 12 Apr 2019 for others.

The event on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/236007250677458.

2. Aalto strategy @AYY: Afterwork on 19 Mar

Aalto’s strategy work is ongoing. Last week, we had the great Telegram discussion on the Universty’s strategy, and this week, we will gather at a strategy-themed Afterwork. What would Aalto’s new strategy need to be like to make the student life here the best in the world? Which goals or development needs do you think should be focused on in the coming years?

The Afterwork is held at the AYY Office’s meeting room Reiluus (Otakaari 11). There will be some drinks and snacks on offer. Please sign up in advance so that we can ensure enough refreshments for all:

3. Parliamentary election panel 26th March at 16: Lifelong learning 2.0

Without knowhow there is no welfare, research or economic growth. How can people ensure they get work experience in their own field while still studying? And how can we guarantee that people’s skills will remain relevant during a career lasting several decades?

Aalto University and the Aalto University Student Union are organizing a parliamentary election panel, at the centre of which, will be combining work and studies, and lifelong learning.


  • Saara Hyrkkö, The Greens
  • Henrik Vuornos, National Coalition Party
  • Joona Räsänen, SDP
  • Tiina Ahva, Blue Reform
  • Simo Grönroos, The Finns Party
  • Martin Stenberg, Christian Democrats
  • Henrik Wickström, Swedish People’s Party
  • Tero Turunen, Liike Nyt
  • TO BE CONFIRMED, Centre Party
  • TO BE CONFIRMED, Left Alliance

The panel will be moderated by Leila Kettunen, member of the board of the Student Union. The panel will be held in the Makerspace, in the basement of the Harald Herlin Learning Centre. The venue is wheelchair accessible. There are 80 seats, so make sure you arrive in good time!

Light snacks will be provided at the event. The event location is accessible. The discussion will be held in Finnish.

Event on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/events/2082530545380588/

4. Futuretalks movie night: Vice

In honour of the upcoming parliamentary election (14 Apr), AYY is offering its members a chance to see the societal comedy film Vice (2018). Vice is about the life and career of former Vice President of the United States, Dick Cheney, as well as about the consequences of the concentration of power in Cabinets instead of the people.

Could the same happen in Finland as well?

Before the film screening, one of the makers of the Politbyroo podcast, the quick-witted Sini Korpinen and Juha Töyrylä present an introduction to the topic.

The film is screened at TOKYO ry’s Kino Sheryl cinema. The cinema is accessible. The discussion will be held in Finnish.

There are 80 tickets available to the screening. Binding sign-up via the link below:

Ilmoittautuminen / Anmälning / Registration: Vice (2018)

5. Climate change – Finland on the global arena: workshop on 28 Mar

Have you seen the hashtag #NytOnPakko all over social media? Have you been wondering which climate goals Finland has set? You now have a chance to collectively discuss climate change, hear about the IPCC report, see how Finland is doing globally on the climate arena, assess the climate goals of different political parties and think about how you could participate in the climate work.

These topics will be discussed together in a 1.5-hour workshop in Väre, room F101 (main entrance, right of the doors), on 28 Mar at 4.30–6.00 pm. Everyone from climate specialists and activists to critical thinkers and average Joes is welcome.

The workshop will start with a keynote from Hanna Aho, a climate specialist from Fingo and member of the #Korvaamaton campaign’s steering group. The workshop itself will be facilitated by Emma Sairanen, a campaign volunteer and master’s-level student of Aalto University. Emma was inspired to organise the workshop when she attended the Power Shift event, where inspiring talks from specialists motivated young people to share the information they received.

The workshop is organised in Finnish – if you wish to participate in another language, please contact AYY. The location is accessible.

6. Nominate prize winners from the Aalto community

Like last year, Aalto University Student Union’s Community Committee Aava rewards associations for their work in the Aalto community. However, this year, we are collecting nominations for the whole year, so that feats done early in the year don’t get overshadowed by the time that has passed. Nominate associations and other groups that have succeeded this year in the following categories: Promoting student wellbeing, welcoming new students, integrating international students and bringing students from different study fields together. Additionally, you can give a nomination for your own category!
Form: https://lomake.ayy.fi/aava/nominate/

7. Answer the brand survey for AYY’s sections

The AYY sections are charting the images held by our community of the sections’ brands. If you want to take part in influencing the sections’ brand development work, let your thoughts be known via the attached survey form. Your answers carry particular weight, as they will help further improve the sections’ brands. The survey closes on Sunday 24 Mar.

Among all respondents, we will raffle VIP and drinks tickets for the Dipoli Wappu or Aalto Afterparty.

You can access the survey here:

FI: http://bit.ly/Jbrandikysely

SV: http://bit.ly/Sbrandforfragan

EN: http://bit.ly/Sbrandquestionnaire


8. Aalto Ukulele Club meets in Väre on Fridays

The Aalto Ukulele Club (AUC) meets every Friday at 4–6 pm in the Johanna room (#113) of the Learning Centre. Every other Friday, community musician Katja Kangas and Aalto Chaplain Anu will be joining us. Coffee / tea service. Come along – whether you already have experience with the ukulele or are just starting.
You can borrow an instrument on location. You are warmly welcome, with a low threshold!

More information: [email protected] (AUC) / [email protected]

9. Programme makers’ sign-up for the south’s nimblest Wappu radio, Radiodiodi, is open!

Navigate to https://radiodiodi.fi/ilmo (in Finnish) and grass up yourself and your mates to perk up the Wappu time mood by making a radio show that reflects you to a T at the Radiodiodi studio.

What is Radiodiodi? Radiodiodi is an annual Wappu project in which students get to make radio shows in Otaniemi that reflect themselves. The operations are free for students and do not require previous experience. The radio transmission will be listened to during the transmission season both online and on FM waves. Read more: https://radiodiodi.fi/english!

Join the Radiodiodi channels on Telegram: https://t.me/radiodiodichat and https://t.me/radiodiodi(public relations).

P.S. In addition to programme makers, Radiodiodi is constantly looking for enthusiastic visionaries for the project’s production and team behind the scenes! Send us a message at [email protected] or on Telegram.


10. Junction Open Meeting on 20 Mar

Welcome to the Junction Open Meeting, everyone interested in Junction and its team! Junction organises events in Finland and abroad all year round. The year’s main event, Junction 2019, will be organised again at the end of the year: the hackathon gathers up more than a thousand participants for a weekend of coding and creating projects around challenges set by various companies, as well as to compete for prizes.

Junction’s events are run by volunteers, and there is a wide spread of work for the team, for example, on partnership relations, production and marketing.

Welcome to the Open Meeting on 20 Mar at 6–9 pm @Startup Sauna (Betonimiehenkuja 3, Espoo) to hear more about the team and the Junction events!

The event on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/331251487498044.

11. Future decisions are made by the young! event on 21 Mar

Business man Hjallis Harkimo speaks at Aalto about entrepreneurship and the influencing opportunities of the young.

WHAT: Lecture
WHERE: Otakaari 1, U1 Hall
WHEN: on 21 Mar at 2–3 pm
Read more: https://www.facebook.com/events/2271803176424886

Aalto University Student Union advertises in equal measure all societal events aimed at its members.

12. Come along to OUBS’ spring gigs – warm-up sauna on 25 Mar at 7 pm at Avain Sauna

Are you interested in getting to execute and record the spring’s coolest student events? Want to get behind the scenes of a big TV production? Come along to OUBS’ spring gigs! There is video filming, soundwork as well as general production of a live broadcast on offer. At our gigs, you will be part of our knowledgeable team – so, no worries even if you have no skills yet. We will be sure to instruct you into it.

You can find more information on our Telegram channel: http://oubs.fi/tg.

On Monday 25 Mar at 7 pm, you are also welcome to come along to hear more and to get to know us amidst sauna bathing and food at Avain Sauna. https://www.facebook.com/events/585271048608544 (in Finnish)


13. Save the Dates: Spring Humans vs Zombies on 5–7 Apr and World Cup of Academic Quidditch 2019 on 11 May

Humans vs Zombies is a moderated game of tag in which the zombie players try to spread the infection by tagging humans. The humans can defend themselves by hiding, fleeing or fighting back by using socks or Nerf guns on the zombies. The game also features various tasks on the side to make it more interesting. HvZ is a team game, so you will be sure to get to know new people while playing. The game was originally created for campuses like Otaniemi, so we get to play this game in the best location in Finland! This spring’s HvZ takes place on 5–7 Apr. The Facebook event and the registration will be announced later.

Another important date for your calendar is the World Cup of Academic Quidditch 2019 on 11 May. The Facebook event and the registration will be announced later, but write those dates down now and start putting your team together!


14. FSHS day on your campus on Wednesday 20 Mar

The majority of us know how we are supposed to eat healthily. According to the Finnish Student Health Survey (KOTT 2016), a health-promoting diet is a reality for only 40% of students at the moment. Nutrition affects your study ability, coping and mood. Do you need support for following a healthy diet? Are you all confused among the wilderness of various dietary choices and requirements? Are you craving for more information on healthy nutrition?

On FSHS day on Wednesday 20 Mar, FSHS lands on university campuses around Finland and wants to support you in terms of healthy nutrition. Come along to pick up tips on the effects of nutrition on wellbeing and study ability on FSHS day. FSHS will also be offering free morning porridge on the university campuses. The porridge is served in restaurant Alvari (Otakaari 1) at 8–9 am. Bring your student ID. FSHS stand in front of the restaurant in the main lobby of the Undergraduate Centre at 8–11 am. See you at breakfast!


15. Into experience survey

Into is an important place for students to find the right information for their studies. Aalto University Communications Services in collaboration with Learning Services are now gathering background material for improving the Into experience and would like to hear your thoughts. Answering the survey takes approximately 5 minutes, and the survey is available in Finnish, English and Swedish. The survey is open for answers for one week, until Monday 25 March.

Link to the survey: https://link.webropolsurveys.com/S/A5871B3723EFDDA8

16. Otaniemi 1.5 petition

The Otaniemi 1.5 petition was announced as part of the Otaniemi climate strike and urges Aalto University and AYY to commit to tangible action with which global warming could be stopped at 1.5 degrees. Sign the petition at https://www.adressit.com/otaniemi_15#form.

17. Be your own mobile operator for 48 hours! COMNET 5G IoThon in May. Apply now!

Innovate with Europe’s top university-based 5G testing and experimental network at the 48-hour hackathon taking place on 3–5 May at Aalto University, Finland. The COMNET 5G IoThon is aimed at master’s and doctoral students as well as developers. Corporate partners include Ericsson, Nokia, Siemens and Telia, each posing a specific challenge. There will be a prize for each challenge and one COMNET prize worth 5000 euros.

Aalto COMNET offers the participants a uniquely open platform to access the internals of the Otaniemi campus 5G mobile network, including NB-IoT support. The participants will be provided with SIM cards and some NB-IoT sensors together with access to Virtual Machines, where they can implement applications for processing the data received from the sensors through the mobile infrastructure. The participants can then implement their own services based on the data from the sensors.

IoThon 2019 is organised by the Department of Communications and Networking (COMNET) at the School of Electrical Engineering, Aalto University, Finland. You are warmly welcome to attend the hackathon! Apply now at https://iothon.io.

18. Invitation to the Multiple rights to study survey

The Research Foundation for Studies and Education Otus together with SYL is interested to hear about the varied reasons and factors which lead to some people acquiring two or more rights to study for bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Finland.

If you are a university student who has registered for attendance and who has ever had more than one right to study for a bachelor’s or master’s degree in Finland, please fill in our survey. Your second (or third, fourth, etc.) right to study no longer needs to be valid and you do not need to have graduated from each of the degree programmes.

It takes approximately 10–15 minutes to complete the survey, and you have until Sunday 24 March. Participants can be entered into a draw with the chance to win one of 32 Finnkino cinema tickets. The contact details that you provide for the prize draw will not be linked to your answers.

You can access the survey by clicking the link below. If the link does not open when you click it, copy it onto the address bar of your browser using your mouse’s right-hand button. To the Multiple rights to study survey https://link.webropolsurveys.com/S/BFF89FE9D6816C42

19. Develop your leadership skills abroad

Are you looking for a career-launching leadership experience? An opportunity to live and work abroad? AIESEC offers young people (ages 18–30) the opportunity to take on one of our many projects that happen on a global scale. Each of the projects is aligned with the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, including Climate Change, Gender Equality and Zero Hunger. Doing an AIESEC project will help you develop skills essential for the working life and challenge the way you see yourself. Join AIESEC to truly make a difference to the global community and develop yourself.

Find out more about our projects on our website: http://bit.ly/aiesec_helsinki

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