WappuApu fundraiser to help in the midst of the coronavirus – Aalto University students launch a fundraiser to alleviate the loneliness of young people

WappuApu fundraiser organised by Aalto University Student Union’s Fuksi Committee is launched in Otaniemi on 31 Mar. WappuApu supports the battle of HelsinkiMissio against the loneliness of young people. The time of the coronavirus has further intensified the distress of loneliness experienced by many young people.
Kuvassa Väreen ulkoseinälle ripustettuna lakanat, joille on maalattu teksti "Valoisaa Wappua". Lakanaa katsoo henkilö opiskelijahaalarissa ja teekkarilakissa.

The fundraiser starts on 31 Mar when a sheet installation made by student association freshers is raised on the wall of Aalto University Väre Building. In the installation, individual letter sheets form a text “Valoisaa Wappua!” (”Have a Bright Wappu!”). The web address of the fundraiser is also written on the sheets. The sheets were created in small groups to avoid contact.

”Even though we cannot celebrate Wappu (1st of May) together this year, we want to create Wappu atmosphere with this installation we have made together and show that we care about each other”, says Chair of Fuksi Committee, Fuksi Major Rudolf Nikander.

There are lonely people in all age groups, but especially among young people. One in five of them feels that they are lonely and anxious about not having anyone to share their lives with, anyone whom to trust or just chat and spend time with. “Together with the Fuksi Committee of Aalto University Student Union, we want to raise awareness of this important topic and remind everyone to ask their family members, friends, fellow students and most importantly, yourself, how you are really feeling”, says Nikander.

Many young people are involuntarily left out of social networks. “Students have experienced extensive loneliness. For freshers, it has been very challenging to form a student identity and to build new social networks. It is important to seek help for loneliness under exceptional circumstances and the consequent challenges to well-being”, reminds Heidi Rouhiainen, Head of Conversational and Crisis Support of HelsinkiMissio.

You can participate in the WappuApu fundraiser: wappu.fi/apu. The fundraiser is open until 10 May 2021.

HelsinkiMissio contributes to the battle against the loneliness of young people by offering them easily accessible and free conversational support with crisis workers. A young person can also get a volunteer support person to be one’s trusted adult and companion.

The Fuksi Committee of Aalto University Student Union is responsible for introducing new students with the academic and student culture.  


Further information:


Rudolf Nikander

Chair of Fuksi Committee

[email protected]

+358 40 4105 490


Pinja Helasuo

Committee Member in Charge of WappuApu Fundraiser

[email protected]

+358 44 0506 071

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