Voting in the Representative Council Elections Off to a Good Start

Vaalipaneelin osallistujat näyttävät kylttejä, joissa lukee JOO

Voting in the AYY Representative Council Elections begun on Monday the 28th of October. By Thursday, voting was already off to a good start: over 2000 votes had been cast!

AYY also organized a panel for candidates. Candidates from the following groups joined the panel: Freedom to Choose, Våga, Kylterirengas, LUOVA, SCIsma, Greener Aalto, Pro Arte and Voltti. Panel members engaged in active conversation on topics including automatic student union membership, the future of the student centre, AYY’s building projects and membership fees as well as the use of three languages in AYY.

The panel also cast light on the importance of voting in the Representative Council Elections. The Representative Council has a central role in the Student Union’s decision-making process. The Council decides on the Student Union’s strategy, values, rules, line papers and the up to 17-million-euro budget at a guiding level. This year, the Representative Council has decided, for example, on the hiring of the new Executive Director, the future of Aino magazine and changes to the Student Union rules. You can read more about the Representative Council here.

There are 293 candidates up for election. You can get to know the candidates and their stances here or by filling out the candidate matcher.

Voting is open until Tuesday the 5th of November at 4 PM. All AYY members that have paid their membership fee by Sep 15th 2019 are eligible to vote. Vote here:

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