Visit the renewed museum of Aalto University Student Union in the autumn


The Polytechnical Students’ Museum operates in connection with Aalto University Student Union, and the museum and its operations will be renewed. The renovations will update the museum to serve and represent the entire Aalto community. The purpose of the museum is to present Aalto’s student culture. After the renovation completed in the early autumn, the museum will reopen its doors and be a showcase for the entire Aalto community. The museum provides an opportunity for everyone to get to know Aalto’s strong and unique student culture and present their own prides and joys from their study years.

The Polytech Students’ Museum was founded in 1958 at Wanha Poli to record the atmosphere and incidents of TKK students. The activities have continued on a voluntary basis for more than sixty years. During that time, the museum has moved from Helsinki to Otaniemi, a few times within Otaniemi, and has finally settled in its current premises in the old coal cellar of Jämeräntaival 3. Objects donated over the years have increased the collection, and the objects create the basis for exhibitions.

In order to expand the main exhibition and have all Aalto members represented, all current and former Aalto members, regardless of their field of studies, are very welcome to share their experiences! The current Aalto community is much more diverse than the student union that founded the museum. The mission of AYY’s museum is to serve our community as extensively as possible. The collections, exhibitions and tours consist of stories heard by the museum workers and donations received by the museum, which is why the material collected over the years is naturally mostly focused on technical students.

Our museum, which tells stories of student culture and is run by the students themselves, is the best in the world and one of a kind, at least according to the International Council of Museums under UNESCO. The museum could not function without its devoted volunteers who tirelessly maintain and develop the museum. When the permanent exhibition is expanded, the identity of the museum from name options to policies will be thoroughly reviewed. The museum activities are open to all who are interested, and we can find a way for everyone to be involved in running the daily operations of the museum.

If the societal situation allows, the opening of the new museum and its premises will be celebrated at the end of August, just before the start of the new academic year. Each member of the Aalto community and all who are interested in the best student life in the world are welcome to visit! More detailed information about the festivities can be found later in the summer on the communication channels of AYY and the Polytech Students' Museum. While waiting for the celebrations, we can focus on refining the museum’s new identity and policies and collecting stories from all the paths of student life. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have!

Please help us develop the museum via this short survey!

Further information and inquiries

Elina Nieminen, Director General, acting Museum Director
Rasmus Ruohola, Assistant, Polytech Students' Museum

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