Use of Otaniemi campus facilities

COVID-19 situation in Finland has eased, but there are still restrictions on the Otaniemi campus. All visits to the university premises must be arranged in advance and the premises cannot be visited unexpectedly.
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You can only visit the campus in case of necessary study-related matters. The guidelines concern everyone and they must be followed. If a visit is possible, the agreed time and place must be followed, and it is prohibited to stay and spend time in the premises. Unplanned activities that do not follow the guidelines cause plenty of additional work, which affects the worktime spent on student services.

AYY and the university have had positive discussions on the possibility to open the campus premises for wider use in the autumn if possible due to circumstances. However, this will not happen if common practices and guidelines are not followed. At the moment, there are tight restrictions, and if they change, students will certainly be informed. The purpose of the common guidelines is to ensure the health and equal treatment of students.

Summary of what can and cannot be done on campus at the moment (15 June 2020)

  • Computer classes, libraries, classrooms, group work rooms and organisational premises are not in use
  • Computers are not in use
  • Printing as a pre-arranged pick-up service
  • Books are borrowed through a pre-arranged pick-up service
  • Student services, study psychologists, career counselling and chaplains provide services remotely
  • The use of ARTS workshops and takeout is very limited, the school itself prioritises and provides instructions
  • For exams or courses arranged on campus, students arrive at a pre-announced location at a pre-announced time
  • The exam aquarium is used according to instructions, which requires planning in advance
  • Entrance examinations will be held on campus on 12 June and 16 June when all other activities are avoided on campus.
  • Any other activity that is not mentioned above and is absolutely necessary for studies requires the support of the teacher in charge. If the reason is considered sufficient, the schedule of the visit will be agreed on well in advance.
  • Unisport, Täffä and A Bloc are open
  • AYY provides services remotely or by prior arrangement in Otaniemi.

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Questions or wishes for AYY’s advocacy sector?

Minna Mäkitalo, Policy Specialist, [email protected]

Tarmo Kivioja, Board Member, [email protected]

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