This year’s Independence Day torchlight procession not organised physically – replaced by a video greeting

This year, the students’ traditional Independence Day torchlight procession will not be organised due to COVID-19. The procession is replaced by a joint video greeting from the student unions of the Helsinki metropolitan area, which will be published on Independence Day on 6 Dec.
Kuvassa videon kuvauspäivältä AYY:n airue

This year, the Independence Day torchlight procession is not organised as a physical event The student unions AYY, HYY, TaiYo and SHS as well as METKA, Helga and Kadettitoverikunta have decided together that organising an event bringing together thousands of students and citizens is not responsible in the current pandemic situation.

This year, instead of the procession, a festive video greeting will be published on the social media channels of the organisers on Finland’s Independence Day on 6 December after 6pm. The previously recorded video will show the Independence Day greetings of the student unions in the metropolitan area, the Mayor of Helsinki and the President of the Republic.

Despite the exceptional situation, the student unions in the metropolitan area want to maintain the fine tradition and celebrate Independence Day without a physical gathering.

“We ended up with an exceptional arrangement in collaboration with other student unions in the metropolitan area. Let’s celebrate valuable traditions and 103-year-old Finland remotely this year. Independence Day is a great opportunity to pause, be present and appreciate everything around you, such as the Finnish nature. I wish you all a happy Independence Day!”, says Chair of the Board of Aalto University Student Union Olli Kesseli.


Further information:

Olli Kesseli, Chair of the Board, Aalto University Student Union / tel. +358 40 688 7711 

Christian Segercrantz, Board Member (Community Affairs), Aalto University Student Union / tel.  +358 400 566 668


Aalto University Student Union AYY is an advocacy and service organisation for approximately 14,000 Aalto University students of technology, business and arts. AYY represents the interests of its members, particularly in academic affairs and social affairs concerning students.

Students’ Independence Day torchlight procession is a prestigious event organised since 1951, where students march with a torch wearing their student caps. In Helsinki, student traditions have included laying wreaths at the heroes’ graves at Hietaniemi Cemetery and moving to Senate Square in the form of a procession to listen to speeches and choirs.


Photo: Arttu Lehtinen, HYY

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