The visual look of the “Fog” calendar, designed by Jolanda Jokinen, mimics the foggy and excited journey of the autumn’s first school days

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AYY and TOKYO are executing the Design Calendar together for the second time. In keeping with TOKYO’s traditions, the calendar’s designer was chosen with a contest. As this year’s winner, and therefore the designer of the calendar, the panel chose Jolanda Jokinen. Jokinen is a master’s level student of Visual Communication Design.

Jolanda explains that she found the inspiration for the calendar design by reminiscing about her own school years, and autumn in particular. She says that after the summer holidays, the best way to get back in the mood for school was to buy new pens and choose a new calendar for the upcoming school year. “The best thing about going to school those first school mornings is still that magical atmosphere of walking in the slightly misty and cool morning air towards your school after a long break. It’s this foggy and excited journey of the first school days in the autumn that I wanted to replicate with the calendar’s visual look. It’s part of the beginning of the academic year, just like the TOKYO and AYY calendar is for us students,” describes Jokinen.

The calendar consists of the calendar section, a project calendar, an info section, an event listing, our collaborative partners’ contents and vouchers, as well as pages for notes. The calendar section gets rhythm from the times of day, but there is also plenty of room on the spread for drawings and notes.

In her design, Jolanda wanted to pay special attention to the calendar’s clarity and functionality in everyday life. “It was wonderful to design the calendar! I can’t wait to get my hands on the calendar and to use it. In addition, this year’s calendar contains lots of inspiring climate tips, which are an amazing addition between the pages!” Jolanda enthuses.

The calendar is free of charge for AYY members. You can pick up your own calendar from AYY’s Services Office, Restaurant Kipsari in Väre, TOKYO Space or AYY’s temporary service desk in the Learning Centre.

More information: Communications Specialist Henna Palonen, [email protected], 0505209440

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