The new sauna shift policies will come into force

Sauna bookings will change as a result of the reform. Sauna reservations will be facilitated through the Domo system, with a new reservation calendar consistently opening on the first day of each month.

Reserving a sauna shift through the Domo system

Sauna reservations will be facilitated through the Domo system, with a new reservation calendar consistently opening on the first day of each month.

Credits and Important Considerations

Each resident is allocated four credits per calendar month, with one credit corresponding to a one-hour sauna session. A resident may have no more than four valid reservations at the same time. Credits reset to zero at the beginning of each month and cannot be accumulated or carried over to subsequent months. The booking calendar opens anew on the first day of each month.

Respect for Others and Sauna Etiquette

Please make sure to leave the facilities as soon as your reservation ends so that the next users can go to the sauna in time. Take the next users into consideration and keep sauna facilities tidy. Pets are not allowed in the dressing room or sauna facilities.

Cancellation Policy

Reservations can be cancelled within one hour of making a reservation, after which the reservation cannot be cancelled. AYY Housing cannot cancel the sauna reservation on behalf of a resident, so please pay attention when making a reservation.

Note: The sauna renewal does not apply to the houses Servin Maijan tie 1 and Servinkuja 2.

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