The Ministry of Education and Culture granted aid for AYY – tell us how we could improve the well-being of students during the corona pandemic!

The Ministry of Education and Culture granted Aalto University Student Union a special subsidy of EUR 100,000 for AYY’s project to support the well-being of students and increase the sense of community during the remote period. Now we are asking you students: what could we do to increase your well-being and the sense of community?
Kuvassa kuvitus, jossa violetilla pohjalla on käsi, jonka päällä on violetti sydän

The Ministry of Education and Culture has granted Aalto University Student Union a special subsidy of EUR 100,000. With the subsidy, AYY can implement a project that promotes the well-being of Aalto students. The aim of the project is to alleviate students’ experiences of loneliness, as well as to prevent and ease mental health problems by supporting the well-being of students during these exceptional times.

We ask our members to tell us using this form, what kind of services and actions would best promote their well-being and the sense of community. Based on the proposals, we will decide for which concrete measures the subsidy will be used.

”Every student should have the opportunity to participate and benefit from the student union services and be part of the community, regardless of their location. We hope that we can help the students past this difficult time with project-related activities”, sums up AYY’s Executive Director Elina Nieminen.

The pandemic situation has had a negative impact on students’ well-being, the sense of community, the integration of international students and new students into the Aalto community, as well as the accessibility of AYY’s services. AYY’s activities and the service ability play a key role in supporting the well-being of Aalto University students. Until now, many student union services have been based on physical contact and presence on campus, but during the pandemic the physical presence is not possible.

”The importance of funding is significant in this situation. With the funding, we can develop our services to better support the students in this exceptional situation”, says Nieminen.


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Elina Nieminen, Executive Director of Aalto University Student, +358 50 520 9415

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