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Wappu magazines

Wappu magazines are humoristic publications produced by students that delight the public at the end of April each year. Two Wappu magazines are published in the Aalto community in alternate years. Äpy comes out in odd-numbered years and Julkku in even-numbered years.

Äpy – four letters you can trust

Äpy was established at the Helsinki University of Technology in 1948 as a means of raising funds for the construction of Teekkari Village. Äpy was named after the Apu magazine, which was sold by the unemployed at the time. Äpy was published on a regularly irregular basis for a couple of decades, until the current publication rhythm of odd-numbered Wappus was established in the 1960s. 

Innovation has become the trademark of the now 70-year-old Äpy: each issue has a unique concept. Currently, Aalto University’s Äpy is published by Suomen Äpy-lehtien liitto ry [Finland’s Äpy Magazine Union] and edited by Aalto University students. Over the years, Äpy has become much more than a Wappu magazine, being a prominent part of Otaniemi student culture in its publishing  years with its insightful checkpoints and events. Äpy also financially supports various projects that benefit students, such as construction projects, songbooks and various large and small campaigns.

Read more about what Äpy does here (in Finnish).

Julkku – flower of verbal intelligence

Julkku, published at even-numbered Wappus, was first established for Wappu 1978. Ever since, Julkku has delighted and amused countless friends of intelligent humour every other Wappu. Julkku specialises in long theme articles of several spreads, as well as a wide range of humorous pictures.

Julkku is published by Teekkarikulttuurin Tuki ry [Teekkari Culture Support] located in Otaniemi, and the magazine is edited by a wide range of Aalto members. The Julkku year always begins when new students arrive on campus and lasts the entire academic year, delighting the community throughout the year with various events, for example.

The sales profit of Julkku is used for supporting projects of Aalto people, from songbooks to guild rooms and saunas. Julkku has always been published for the benefit and amusement of the entire community. This is also apparent from the statement found in older issues: “Sold for the benefit of the tassel folk.”

While waiting for Wappu and Julkku, you can point your browser to Julkku's website (in Finnish).

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