Sing-through of the Red Songbook

What is the best way to spend the Friday evening of Teekkari Tradition Week? By singing, of course, which is why you should head to the Red Songbook sing-through arranged by LuTku at Rantasauna! The concept of the event is extremely straightforward: we take the Red Songbook in our hands and sing every song in it. The physical well-being of the singers has not been forgotten either, which is why Rantsu’s sauna and hot tub will be kept warm throughout the evening and LuTku catering will take care that the singers have no need to be empty-mouthed.

So recall the old classics and approximate the melody of new acquaintances rather than well. Only two things are guaranteed: the singing will go on all night long and the atmosphere will be through the roof. The doors of Rantsu open at 16.30 and the singing will start at 17 and continue as long as there are songs to sing.

If you are still missing your own Red Songbook, no worries! It’s possible to buy your own piece of the newest version of Red Songbook, published in 2022.
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