Plenty of new employees at AYY

During late spring and summer, several recruitments have been carried out at Aalto University Student Union, and some of the employees’ job descriptions have changed. In this story, you can read a summary of who has joined the forces at AYY over the summer.


In July, Ilari Kuoppala started as a new IT Support Person (completing his civilian service). Joonas Palosuo also arrived to complement the team in June.


On 1 Aug, Heikki Niemi started as Manager of the Real Estate unit.


The Services team is complemented by Minna Silvennoinen, acting as Services Assistant. She will be working on student services at the front desk as well as behind the scenes until the end of January.

Joel Arantola has started in the Emergency Housing Coordinator position. Joel’s post will continue until early October.

On 19 Aug–6 Sept, Anni Niemelä will join the Services team for its busiest season. She will be responsible for e.g. the service point handing out tags in the Learning Centre.


 The Community team will gain two new Producers in August, Eeva Ylimäki and Samu Nurmi. Eeva is covering a fixed-term study leave between 7 Aug 2019 and 30 Sept 2021. Her duties will include e.g. the production of the Teekkari Section’s events. Samu continues his half-day work with TTE Fund and PTK under the title of TTE Fund Secretary and will use the rest of his working hours to handle e.g. the Campus Section’s event production. For the part of other events, the Community Structures Project and general coordination responsibilities, the duties will be divided later on among the entire Production team.

Tuulia Telin has been appointed as Organisation Specialist. She will be covering a study leave until the end of February 2020. The renewed job description of the Organisation Specialist now also contains being in charge of the duties related to the integration of new students and the Student Union’s alumni activities.


Essi Puustinen switches from the position of Organisation and Communications Specialist to Communications Specialist focusing on Housing and Real Estate. 

And this is not all. In May, AYY gained a new Executive Director in Elina Nieminen and Financial Director in Monika Kivimäki.

We wish all new and returning employees warmly welcome in creating the best student's life in the world. Want to know more about what these people do and how they are feeling? Read the longer introductions of the new employees on the AYY website during August and September.

More information: Executive Director Elina Nieminen, 050 5209 415 or [email protected]

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