Otatarha Grand Prix

The time of lowering our Teekkari caps is coming soon, but before that Otatarha Grand Prix is back once again!

Challenge yourself and others, design and build the greatest human powered vehicle and come and compete for the win of the race at Alvari Square! Points will be awarded for the vehicle’s aesthetics and speed, but also for the overall spirit of the team. The winners of the race will receive glorious prizes, so start preparing for the contest NOW!

Even if you don’t participate in the race, you should come to Alvarinaukio to enjoy the stunning race atmosphere and the beautiful autumn day. Besides the race course the area will be filled with other fun activities!

Come and compete or cheer your friends to victory!

The sign-up for the teams participating the race is open in the link below this text.

§1 The vehicle must run by human power (such as pedals, pushing or pulling) – no motors allowed.
§2 Teams will compete in the race at their own risk. Teams must attend to their safety.
§3 The number of team members is not limited.
§4 Intentionally bumping into other racers and wrecking others’ vehicles is prohibited.
§5 Racers must drive on track.
§6 Teams will be judged on speed and the performance in given tasks, the appearance of the vehicle, the spirit of the team and the technical properties of the vehicle.
§7 Elements that generate smoke are not allowed.
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Otatarha Grand Prix follows Aalto University Student Union’s (AYY) Safer Space Policy. Event aims to be equal and comfortable for everyone. If you see or experience inappropriate conduct, you have the right to intervene in the situation. If you wish, you can also get in touch with AYY’s harassment contact persons [email protected].

For additional questions, please contact the Teekkari Culture Directors:
[email protected]
[email protected]
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