Non-military service at AYY – Blown fuses and improved knowledge of human nature

Lassi Vainikainen, a 24-year-old from Kuopio is at the end of his non-military service as a real estate assistant of the Aalto University Student Union. How does a regular workday look like for a real estate assistant?
Winter view at Otaniemi

Lassi Vainikainen, a 24-year-old from Kuopio is at the end of his non-military service as a real estate assistant of the Aalto University Student Union. In the position, he has benefited from his education as an electric and automation installer, as his duties have included checking facilities and clearing defects. “If a device doesn’t work, at least I can find out what the problem is. I can check whether a fuse is blown or a device is broken,” says Vainikainen.

Non-military service was an obvious choice for Vainikainen. “I don’t want to learn to fight or hurt anyone. Non-military service gives me a good conscience.” He found the position at AYY by googling non-military service positions and found the suitable place on site.

Vainikainen usually starts his workday at AYY by having a cup of coffee and checking emails. After this, he forwards defect reports to maintenance companies. “On Mondays, I go through rental facilities and check their condition. In addition, my workdays may include a weekly team meeting. I might also visit Ikea, for example, to pick up new dishes to replace broken ones,” says Vainikainen.

Project management skills and knowledge of human nature

Non-military service usually includes a one-month period at a non-military service center. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Vainikainen only spent a week at the center. Still, he benefited from the period at the center as he had time to complete first aid training, as well as security and fire safety training.

After the non-military service, Vainikainen continues his work as a caretaker. He just started in his new job a few days before this interview. Vainikainen benefits from the non-military service in his work, as the positions are quite similar. Even though Vainikainen has more repair work in his job as a caretaker, non-military service at AYY has taught him project management skills needed at work. In addition, non-military service has taught him knowledge of human nature and communicating with people in different states of mind.

Part of the team

AYY’s Service and Rental Manager Minna Merensilta greatly appreciates Vainikainen’s input.

“We were incredibly lucky to have such an active, versatile and cooperative person as Lassi to maintain our facilities. Lassi started the systematic inspections of facilities and equipment and they are now clearly reported for us to follow. It will be easy for the next person to continue to monitor facilities with ready-made tools,” she says. Merensilta is hoping that AYY will soon find a new real estate assistant to continue Lassi’s work.

In Vainikainen’s opinion, one of the best things of being a real estate assistant is that you don’t have to worry about bringing work home: “In this job, you don’t have to stress about anything, it’s enough that you take care of your own duties.” There were no surprises in his work. As an active person, the only downsides in Lassi’s opinion were the occasional quieter periods when he got bored quickly.

However, Vainikainen thinks that great colleagues have made his work smooth and comfortable. In his opinion, non-military service at AYY has been quite a success: ”I can definitely recommend this position for anyone who is looking for a place for non-military service!”

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