Membership and student card

Student card and Frank App

Your student card is the official proof of your student status. After you have paid the student union’s membership fee, you can order a plastic and/or digital card. The validity of a plastic student card is proven by a yearly tag.

A student card entitles you to countless national and local benefits, on which you can find more information at The student card is also a handy way to prove your student status when visiting student restaurants or UniSport, for example.

Your student card is valid throughout your studies, provided that you have paid the AYY membership fee and have a valid tag for the academic year. The tags can be picked up at the AYY Services Office. The student cards are delivered by Frank, which brings together all student benefits in Finland. As a member of AYY you can also start using your student card in Pivo.

It is possible to purchase an ISIC licence, which is an internationally accepted student ID, for either a digital or a plastic student card in Frank. With an ISIC student card, you can get flights from various companies at a student price, for example. In Finland, student-priced flights are sold by Kilroy.

Year tags

You need a year tag aka. a small plastic sticker to your plastic student card to indicate you have paid the student union membership fee for the ongoing semester.

You can collect the year tag from AYY Service Office at Otakaari 25 on opening hours (Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 12noon to 3pm).

Please note, that it takes 1-5 days for your membership to be updated in our system, so please wait a couple of days after paying the membership fee before coming to pick up the year tag.

The fastest way to receive student benefits is to download a digital student card. You can order a digital student card for example from Frank App once you have paid the Student Union’s membership fee. The digital student card will be activated in 1–5 days.

The academic year tag can only be obtained from the student union whose student card the member has. AYY's service office therefore only issues a year tag to AYY's student card for members who have paid AYY's membership fee. AYY's student card also includes student cards previously issued by the Student Union of the Helsinki School of Economics (KY), the Student Union of the University of Art and Design (TOKYO) and the Student Union of the Helsinki University of Technology (TKY).


Frank App and the digital student card

You can download the Frank App for your phone and take advantage of the discounts provided by the service for free. If you want, you can add a digital student card into the Frank App as a separate feature. You can download the digital student card once you have paid the Student Union’s membership fee. An electronic photo must be attached to the card order.

Please note that new students can only download a digital student card once their membership details have been transferred from the University to Frank. The transfer usually takes a few days from your registration.

If your right to study has expired due to graduation, for example, you can unfortunately not continue to use your digital student card. However, you can use your plastic student card until the end of the validity period of the most recent tag.

Learn about the features and prices of the different cards at

Frank Alumni discounts also for recent graduates

Frank's users are now able to take advantage of Frank's discounts and browse job ads even after graduation. The student card view is closed to the Alumni user, but otherwise the graduated student will receive almost all the same discounts and notifications as before!

The user automatically becomes an alumnus after the student status has ended. In order to take advantage of Frank Alumni, the student must be a user of Frank already during their studies. As Frank Alumni, the users will have access to the service for 24 months.

Person with overalls holding a phone with a digital student card on the screen

Student card in Pivo

As a member of AYY you can start using your student card in Pivo. With Pivo’s digital student card you can get student priced train and bus tickets, student lunches as well as hundreds of other student benefits from our partner Slice. By using digital student card in Pivo, you can make sure that your student benefits are always with you wherever you go.

Here’s how you get Pivo’s student card:

1. Download Pivo app to your phone and register with your banking ID
2. Choose Student Card from the Services section of the main view
3. Follow the instructions to create your digital student card

You can easily scroll student discounts and find the offers that interest you the most from the Student Card’s Benefits tab. Pivo’s student card is completely free to use.

What is Pivo?

Pivo is a Finnish payment app that you can use to pay your friend by only using their phone number – regardless of your or your friend’s bank. With Pivo, you can also pay in online shops. Pivo is completely free to download and use.

Read more about Pivo

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