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Theatre, dance and culture

Let your creativity blossom in various cultural associations, including photography, films, theatre, cultural bacchanals and workshops.
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Aalto Photography Club 

Aalto Photography Club offers Aalto University students and staff photography courses, rental equipment, and a well-equipped darkroom for film photographers. In addition, we organize other events related to photography, during which we get to shoot and chatter together in an inspiring group.

Visit our website to see what we do and how to become a member.

Aalto Asian Dance Group


CSSADANCE ry is an Aalto University based dance association. The dance styles that are practiced in CSSADANCE are Latin dances, Chinese classical dance, and K-pop dance. 

We organise open-level weekly dance classes as well as seasonal performance crew trainings primarily to Aalto University students with affordable price, so no matter if you are an advanced dancer or a fresh beginner, there is always a spot for you! 

Check out our Instagram for our latest courses info and news & welcome to join us! 

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Film Club Montaasi

Montaasi is a film club whose aim is to promote knowledge of the art and craft of film. The club offers fellow cinephiles a chance to meet each other and make their own films. Since 1957, hundreds of films have been made at Montaasi.

Montaasi organizes filmmaking courses, film industry excursions, a film night every Sunday, and other events. The club also offers its members filmmaking guidance, contacts, and equipment.

Members of the club can participate in all of the club’s events (e.g. film nights, excursions, courses, and productions), use the equipment at the club room free of charge, and rent out filmmaking equipment at low prices. Other member benefits include discount film tickets and opportunities to meet people working in the film industry.

Montaasi’s club room is located at Otakaari 20 A. Get info about the club’s events by joining the mailing list.



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KYppendales is an Aalto University -based performing dance group established in 2015. We are an ambitious group and we perform in many of AYY's and KY's events around the year as well as organise open training sessions for everyone to join. Our 15 permanent and active members are the soul of the operation and are available for all kinds of gigs in events and parties. Our strong suits are show dance, street, lyrical hiphop and modern dance. We tailor our show according to your preferences – don’t hesitate to contact us and ask! 

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KY-Speksi ry

KY-Speksi is an improvisation musical made by Aalto University Business Students. There is music and singing, dancing and acting in the Speksi – not forgetting the fancy script! The actors play their roles both by the script and the audience: When someone shouts ”Omstart!”, the scene will be played again with a little twist.

While organized mostly by business students, Speksi welcomes all students from different schools and walks of life. The show is played at the end of fall, and the speksi-makers are usually recruited at the change of winter and spring. You can find more information about us on Instagram.

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Luova Aalto

Luova Aalto connects people from various backgrounds to try new things, have fun and find their creativity in an inspiring atmosphere!

The mission of Luova Aalto is to connect people interested in creativity. We are a community, in which it is possible to attend interesting events, learn new things about creativity and find your creative self. We organize events, workshops and excursions – anything that shares the knowledge of creativity and contributes to the learning within that area.

Follow us on Facebook to hear about our latest news and upcoming events and stay tuned for more info!

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Otanko ry

Pole dance for students in Otaniemi!

Would you like to have impressive biceps and a stunning sixpack but you are completely tired of gyms and body pumps?

The answer is pole dance!

And the best thing is, now you can pole dance in Otaniemi! Otanko ry is an association operating in the vicinity of AYY. The association offers a reasonably priced chance to pole dance in Otaniemi.

Otanko organizes weekly classes, sport experiments and pole dance shows for both other members and wider audiences.

To get all the information and to sign up for the classes, become a member by filling in our sign-up form! You can find it here!

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Polijazz ry

Polijazz is a dance association, where you get to dance in cheerful and supporting atmosphere. We offer dance styles from street to contemporary dance. Program changes every semester, so check what we have to you right now. Polijazz arranges weekly dance lessons and short courses lasting few weeks in Otaniemi that both beginners and more advanced dancers can enjoy.

Polijazz also has an intensively training dance group Koherenssi that performs in different kind of events. Polijazz also arranges excursions to dance events, get togethers and dance shows. All our teachers have long dancing background and are professional or semiprofessional. Our good quality lessons are cheap compared to commercial ones, so threshold to start dancing is low.

Welcome to dance.

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PTNKY is all about the joys of life, decadence and hedonism. And of course petanque! PTNKY was founded in the aftermaths of the Helsinki Olympics and ever since it has been spicing up the student life scene of Helsinki. This organization was out of action for decades but it was resurrected in the fall of 2016.

PTNKY is organizing the most mind-blowing soirees and parties among the students in Helsinki. Broiler Room, which was the first bacchanal after the resurrection, was a huge hit and was considered as the best party ever in KY’s history. PTNKY doesn’t tolerate discrimination, so our parties have no boundaries about which university you are studying.

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Taideko: Korean Arts and Design Association in Finland

Taideko is the first Korean arts & design association in Finland and a non-profitable association. The association, Taideko, is a portmanteau of ‘taide’ (‘art’ in Finnish), ‘design’, and ‘Korea’.

We play a key role in enhancing mutual understanding between Korean and Finnish cultures through arts and design. We would like to share information and knowledge, perform creative activities and offer channels for mutual exchange with diverse cultural events such as exhibitions, workshops, seminars and publishing working papers in both countries. Our design identity may be derived from Korean design, but through the Finnish arts and design education as well as our Finnish life experiences, we believe that we have developed new identities in Finland as global artists and designers.

Teekkarispeksi logo

Teekkarispeksi ry

Speksi is like theater, but more fun!

Speksi is an interactive music theater where the audience can influence the events on stage with “Omstart!” yells. When Omstart is yelled, actors improvise the situation that has just happened with a new twist, and maybe the orchestra and the dancers get spontaneously involved too.
The end result is a fun, touching and surely unique full-length show.

Teekkarispeksi is a colourful theatre association based in Otaniemi, and consists of students and graduates. In the spring Teekkarispeksi produces a full-fledged musical production that is viewed by 2500 viewers across Finland. This yearly spectacle is conducted by more a crowd of more than a hundred people, and involved are all music theater sub-areas from the costume designers and stage players to dancers, light and sound technology and orchestra.

A great way to jump into the speksi boat is in the early autumn to attend speksis dance and improvisation courses, dressmaking evenings, bands jamming sessions, saunas and other spectacular events.

The makers of the upcoming springs production will be selected in the late autumn, and speksi will be able to accommodate professional prospects as well as future talents – for enthusiastic people Teekkarispeksi offers first-rate guidance in every sub-area.

Click here and unleash your creativity!

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Movie Club TIKELO

Tikelo was founded in 1965 to provide entertainment for the students at the Business School. Nowadays we are open to all those interested in movies, regardless of school. We try to satisfy our audience with a perfect balance of mainstream and arts.

We organize movie nights with different themes both on our own and in cooperation with other Aalto clubs as well as other movie related events. In addition, we update our followers on Facebook on the latest news in the movie world so remember to follow us!

We are always open to new ideas so if you have a great concept idea, don’t be afraid to shoot it at us! 

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