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Sports and camping

Sports associations offer their members a wide variety of sports from orienteering to diving and from horseback riding to skiing. Most sports can be tried out without previous experience, so please do not hesitate to get in touch with the association that interests you.
A!dventures logo


A!dventures, a.k.a. Aallon Seikkailu-urheilijat, focuses on adventure and extreme sports. We enjoy all the fancy places – mountains, tundras, forests, deserts, and oceans, and all the different sports those places are good for: climbing, hiking, skiing, triathlon and so forth!

Aalto Aikikai

Aalto Aikikai

The purpose of Aalto Aikikai is to give people the opportunity to train aikido within Otaniemi. We have several led trainings per week in Otaniemi and occasionally we organize weekend aikido seminars or some social activities.

More information like our training times check our homepage and for pictures and other nice stuff check our Facebook page. We usually take new beginners in the beginning of fall and spring, but if you want to join sooner you can always send email to our board mailing list.

Aalto basket logo


Aalto-Basket is the basketball team of Aalto University from Espoo.
Our club has long traditions of student sports, being founded way back in 1981.
During recent years, the club has grown, and nowadays consists of four teams:

• Men’s 1st team: Plays in 2nd division, practices twice a week
• Men’s 2nd team: Plays in 4th division, practices twice a week
• Men’s 3rd team: Plays in 5th division, practices once a week
• Women’s team: Playes in 4th division, practices twice a week

Each team is looking for new players for the upcoming season (or just to join our practices) – So, feel free to contact us!

More details (e.g. contact info, practice times) can be found from our web pages 

Aalto mountaineering logo

Aalto Mountaineering Club

Aalto Mountaineering Club ry is an association founded in 2018 with a mission to bring together individuals who are interested about mountaineering and other outdoor-sports.

The club activities include mountaineering trips, courses and weekly climbing sessions.

We welcome individuals of all skill-levels to join the club. More information can be found from club’s website.

Aalto predators logo

Aalto Predators

Aalto Predators is the American football team of Aalto University. The team plays in the Finnish Academic League, comprised of players of all experience levels: from beginners to Maple League and National Team players. The Academic League is played from February to May, with practices starting in September. Aalto Predators won the 2016 Student Bowl to be Finnish National Student League Champions that season.

American football is a sport that requires players of many different athletic types: from smaller agile skill positions in the secondary and backfield, to the heavy lifters on the line of scrimmage. Many players are introduced to the sport through Aalto Predators, so no matter what your experience level you are welcome to join the association and our practices.

Founded in 2012, the team is already a staple in Otaniemi and Töölö, hosting check points at KY City Challenge, Otawappu, Helle and Talvi Aalto, amongst others. The team organizes evenings for players to watch games, socialize and hang out. Aalto Predators also hosts a Super Bowl party, as well as other game viewing evenings open to all Aalto students. The club also includes football enthusiasts who support the team by using their talents to arrange events, coach or supporting the team by acting as a member or functionary of the board.

Tryouts are in the fall at the start of the academic year! If you miss the tryouts in the first few weeks following the orientation week, you can still come check out our practices, just send us a message on Facebook or an email to [email protected]. Predator practices are held in Finnish and English by the coaches.

The association also has a Cheerleading team, the Aalto Predators Cheerleaders – Foxes, that provides another excellent sporting opportunity for students. They can be found here.

Aalto runners logo

Aalto Runners

Aalto Runners is a association which brings together all the Aalto student who are interested in sports, especially in running. We organize sauna evenings with almost every time some sort of action including jogging.  Running events are  popular among us and our members take part various types of races.

Aalto skate logo

Aalto Skate

Aalto Skate is a skateboarding association founded in 2015. The goal of Aalto Skate is to unite Aalto University students interested in skateboarding and increase the amount of skateboarders in Aalto University, to improve skateboarding facilities in Otaniemi campus area, and to encourage unique skateboarding culture. Our mini ramp and terrace at Ossinlampi create the environment to pursue our goals. 

Aalto Strength Society ASS

Aalto Strength Society ry 

Aalto Strength Society, or more commonly known as "ASS" is a strength sports focused sporting club in Aalto University. The primary focus of the club is in powerlifting and strongman sports, but we are up for anything strength-related. That is, we lift heavy objects together and we have fun doing it.

When it comes to events we organize:
1. Practices in which those who are new to strength sports can get a grip on it
2. Internal competitions, in which you can test your limits in a friendly environment
3. Excursions to other strength-related events, and
4. Pretty much anything and everything else strength related

If becoming stronger, doing or trying strength sports, or a nice and easy group to go to the gym with interests you, please feel free to contact us. See you at the gym! 

Aalto tennis logo

Aalto Tennis ry

Aalto Tennis is a tennis club for all students. Our goal is to offer tennis courses, game days and other fun tennis related events for a suitable price and for all level players.

Aalto Tennis (before Teekkaritennis) was founded in the year 1965 when a group of technology students wanted to bring together all the students who had a common interest in tennis. Aalto Tennis is also an official club of the Finnish Tennis Association and nowadays there are memebers from various study fields and universities.

Maybe you have just started to explore the sport, your backhand is pretty solid already or perhaps you are an experienced competitive player? I doesn't matter what your level is - Aalto Tennis has something to offer for everyone!

Contact us on Facebook or by email if you want to know more and become a memeber so you don't miss anything!


Aalto-Volley ry

Aalto-Volley is an active student sports club that offers opportunities to play volleyball at an official series level or simply for recreation. Our practices and other activities take place in Espoo 3-5 times a week. Aalto-Volley plays men’s regional and local series in season 2021-2022. We also have a women's team. You are warmly welcomed to join our club


Aalto-yliopiston frisbeegolfklubi ry

The Aalto University Disc Golf Club AFK is a cosy community for disc slingers of all backgrounds. We aim to serve our members and grow the sport through both informal get-togethers as well as competitive activities. The club was founded in summer 2019 and our activity is still taking shape. Come and make AFK your own!

  • Facebook
  • Board's email: afkhallitus(at)
Honbu logo

Akateeminen karateseura Honbu

Karate, kickboxing, muay thai, BJJ vai itsepuolustusta? Älä rajoita itseäsi, valitse kaikki, valitse Honbu!

Honbu on pääkaupunkiseudun yliopisto-opiskelijoiden karateseura. Seurassamme harjoitellaan monipuolisesti itsepuolustus- ja kamppailutaitoja. Treenien neljä peruspilaria ovat kamppailullisuus, turvallisuus, kuntoilu ja hauskanpito. Tyylisuuntamme on Koryu uchinadi, mutta Honbussa treenaa hyvin monipuolisista budotaustoista tulevaa porukkaa.

Karate sopii kaikille, jotka haluavat kehittää kuntoaan, kehonhallintaansa ja kamppailutaitojaan. Tiiviin harjoittelun lisäksi oleellisen osan seuran toimintaa muodostavat erilaiset leirit ja illanvietot. Honbu järjestää karaten peruskurssin 1-2 kertaa vuodessa, syyskuussa ja tammikuussa. Tarkista tarkka päivämäärä kotisivuiltamme. Mukaan pääsee ilmaantumalla treeneihin.

Aloita karate hyvässä seurassa!

Bikepoli logo


Bikepoli is the cycling club of Aalto University.

Our focus is on sports cycling. We ride throughout the year mainly with road and gravel bikes but occasionally also MTB. The rides are announced on our Telegram channel where we also discuss other cycling related topics.

Bikepoli owns a workshop located in Teekkarikylä. Access rights can be obtained by paying the club membership fee while electronic keys for 24/7 access are also available for a separate key payment. 

Enerky logo


EnerKY is Aalto University School of Business’ sports tutors club, that aims to support members of KY and all students of the university to exercise. We organize different kinds of sports related events, such as try-outs and tournaments.

FC Kissat

FC Kissat ry

FC Kissat is a football club for female students in the Aalto University. FC Kissat is a team about good fun and exercise and is open to players of all levels. We have members from first year students to recently graduated, all differing in our football experience but share the passion for this sport. FC Kissat welcomes all female students to come and join the fun with us! All exchange students are also warmly welcomed, even for short exchange periods.

We have practices once a week. During summertime we play outdoors and during wintertime we play futsal indoors. We also participate in the hobby league as well as in various tournaments, and always welcome everybody to come and play with us. Contact us and come join us in a practice!


Helsingin yliopiston / University of Helsinki Taekwon-Do

University of Helsinki Taekwon-Do organises regular Taekwon-Do practice within UniSport in the centre of Helsinki. The club organises courses for beginners and continuous training opportunities for students and staff of University of Helsinki, Aalto University and Hanken.

Courses for beginners are organised twice a year: during spring semester starting in mid-January, and during autumn semester starting in mid-September.

Hernesaaren näädät logo

Hernesaaren Näädät

Hernesaaren Näädät is the oldest and most successful business student-run hockey club in Finland. The team plays in division 3 of the Finnish Ice-Hockey Association, and has weekly practices and games when the hockey season is on. The club also organizes other hockey-related events all throughout the year. If you would like to join the team, or have any questions about our club, don’t hesitate to contact us at office(at) Näädät strongly encourages all of you to come and enjoy the greatest game on earth with us!

  • Facebook
  • Board's email: office(at)
Hiipivät lohikäärmeet logo

Hiipivät lohikäärmeet ry

Hiipivät lohikäärmeet is Aalto University’s own Tai chi association. Everybody from Aalto is warmly welcome!

Oranki logo

Climbing club Oranki ry 

Oranki ry is a climbing club and our purpose is to bring together climbing enthusiasts and those interested in climbing. Additionally, our goal is to promote the hobby opportunities of our members and support the development of a safe and responsible climbing culture within the academic community.

Oranki organizes various events for its members, including regular indoor and outdoor climbing sessions, climbing trips both domestically and internationally, sauna evenings, climbing competitions, and much more!

Oranki is a sub-organization under the Aalto University Student Union, but anyone interested in climbing can become a member.

Member benefits:
– Access to the climbing gym during member shifts and the opportunity to purchase a 24/7 door code.
– Free borrowing of crashpads
– 10% discount at climbing shop Camu
– Trips within Finland and abroad
– Sauna evenings
– Regular climbing meet-ups
– And much more! 

KY kannus logo

KY-Kannus ry

KY‐Kannus was established in 1999 and since then it has kept up the riding traditions of Aalto University School of Business. Kannus gives an opportunity for students to continue their hobby at the university, and additionally, familiarizes new enthusiasts with horse riding. Kannus organizes a wide range of horse riding events throughout the year for both experienced riders and people who are willing to try horse riding.

Kannus offers for example horse trekking trips, Icelandic horses’ gait lessons, dressage and show jumping training and competition trips. First timers and people who want to start horseriding after a long break get to challenge themselves in our horse riding trials. We look forward to see you in our events! Find more information at Facebook.

KY-kori logo


KY-Kori is a traditional basketball team of business students at Alto which was founded already in 1977. The team competes in men’s 3rd division of Finnish southern area and practices twice a week. In addition to practices and games we have casual events outside the court to get together and have fun. We are happy to welcome new players to our practices! For additional information please contact us.

KY-sail logo

KY-Sail ry

KY-Sail ry is the Aalto University School of Business Sailing Club, established in 2006. The purpose of KY-Sail is to promote sailing and the sailing culture among students. All events hosted by KY-Sail are open to all students at Aalto University.

Our yearly events are for example Sailing days and Sailing schools, KY-Sail Summer Cruise, the famous Crayfish Party and of course the legendary trip to the Mediterranean. You can find further information on KY-Sail Facebook and website. To actually see how it looks like, check out also our page on Vimeo!

No previous sailing experience is required in our events. Welcome!

ky-ski logo


KY-Ski is the legendary skiing-club of Aalto University School of Business. As one of the oldest clubs in the whole university, our golden aim is to spread the joy of skiing culture all around us (after-ski strongly included). We arrange cool events & trips from Finnish ski-resorts to all the way to the Alps. Surfing is also close to KY-Ski’s heart. Every fall the bulls and minks head to chill, cheer and catch some waves in Portugal!

Events are organized by KY-Ski’s awesome and active board. Approximately six new members are chosen to the board every fall in the legendary info-evening. The spot in the board lasts for three years, however, “once a kyski, always a kyski”!!! Yet the members of the board have to go through election, everyone is warmly welcome to be part of the club through attending our events! So please, heads up and join us!

KY-Ski Bulls and Minxes since 1975! WELCOME!



KY-Slice is a club for students interested in golf. The club has brought golf enthusiasts together already since 1984. KY-Slice organizes numerous golf-related events throughout the year.

KY-Slice welcomes all students to get on board – from new-comers to professionals. The events vary from beginner courses and championships to trips abroad and game studios.

KY-Slice is run by its annually selected board, consisting of 10 board members. If you’re interested in being part of the board, make sure to attend KY-Slice’s info evening organized each fall. The event is aimed especially at new board comers. 

“Why do business @ the office?” -KY-Slice since 1984 


KY United ry

KY United is KY’s own football club that gathers football enthusiasts of all levels together to enjoy their beloved sport. We organize year-round open practices, play the Men’s sixth division and promote the glory of football in various events. We welcome everyone at Aalto to join our activities. 



LenkKY is a wellness club that focuses on running, with the goal of getting more and more students to tie the straps of their running shoes and head to the jogging path together. An important element of the jogging experience is also going through the performance at the sauna with friends.

LenkKY organizes low-threshold running runs at regular intervals, which everyone is welcome regardless of their starting level. In addition to jogging, the club organizes a bigger running related event a few times a semester, where you can also raise your heart rate on the dance floor.

If you enjoy easy-going jogging in good company, LenkKY is the place for you. 

OtaKoppi logo

OtaKoppi ry

OtaKoppi is a Finnish baseball (pesäpallo) club. During the summer we organize weekly playing sessions for everybody interested in the game. If you want more information, see our web page (in Finnish) or contact [email protected].

Otaniemi Fightclub logo

Otaniemi Fight Club

The association’s purpose is to enhance the opportunities of the students of Aalto University to practice martial arts and related activities and to act as liaison for its members.

We offer our members weekly free form training sessions, but also courses with instructors. We’ve organized courses by the titles “Intro to Mixed Martial Arts” and “Muay Thai” for example. Both of which were popular. We train in Otahalli (Otaranta 6), Tatamisali (Jämeräntaival 5) and in Monitoimitila (Jämeräntaival 3). Our weekly trainings are rather free in form and we do a lot of soft sparring. Previous experience in martial arts is desirable, but nonetheless everyone is welcome to come and learn with us!


Otanko ry

Discover the Excitement of Pole Dance in Otaniemi!

Are you tired of the same old gym routine and looking for a fun and unique way to sculpt your body by getting impressive biceps and a stunning six pack?

Look no further than pole dance!

And the best part is, you can now experience the thrill of pole dance in Otaniemi! Otanko ry is an AYY association which offers affordable pole dance classes in Otaniemi.

Join us for weekly classes, exhilarating workshops, and captivating pole dance shows open to both members and the wider community.

To get all the details and sign up for classes, become a member by filling out our quick sign-up form! Your first class is on us, and there's no need to pre-register. Simply choose a beginner class from our website at a convenient time and show up!

Otaonnela floorball logo

Otaonnela Floorball ry

Otaonnela Floorball, FLOB, is a member club of the Finnish Floorball Federation (SSBL). The club has one men’s and one women’s team.

In addition to competitive activities, FLOB organises recreational activities for its members throughout the year.

Polin Pallo

Polin Pallo ry

Polin Pallo is a football association founded in 2022 for teekkaris in Aalto University. We organize low-threshold events for anyone interested in football. Events include football matches, weekly practices and participation in tournaments. In addition, we organize events such as sauna and game nights, gathering like-minded teekkari footballers together!

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. More information can be found on our website, on instagram and on our telegram group. Welcome aboard! 

Teepakki logo

Polyteknikkojen partioklubi Teepakki ry

Teepakki is a club of students of Aalto University, who are interested in outdoor recreation. We have both ex-scouts and people with no scouting experience. The uniting factor is interest in outdoor activities. We organize different treks from day trips to one week skiing hikes, sauna evenings, excursions to interesting places and much more. Our shorter trips take place in nearby national parks such as Nuuksio and the longer trips often take place in the beautiful scenery of Lapland.

At Teepakki you meet interdisciplinary and international people. All of these events are organized in a close relationship with the scouting club of the University of Helsinki (Hyde).

Everyone is welcome in Teepakki regardless of previous experience. Most of our events are organized in English. If you want to join our trips, but do not have the equipment, you can borrow from us. More information about our upcoming events can be found on our blog and about us on our website.

PSK Kupla

PSK Kupla ry

PSK Kupla ('kupla' means 'bubble') is a diving club, by students for students. The association has been founded in 1979 and has long and proud traditions in the University community of Otaniemi. The club has about 300 members, of which the majority are students of Aalto University. The purpose of the association is to provide premises for the safe practice of scuba diving, free diving and underwater rugby. 

Kupla organizes courses, diving trips, and try-out sessions. A weekly shift at the local swimming pool is organized for the UWR team to train. The pool shift is also available for members to test their gear. Kupla owns two boats, 12 complete sets of scuba gear, and a number of other equipment for scuba diving and underwater rugby. 

Kupla also practices cross-border collaboration with the diving club of the University of Trondheim, Dykkergruppa. The two clubs organize yearly visits for the purposes of diving together and sharing best practices in all aspects of life.



PUS-Hockey is an ice-hockey team from Otaniemi and Aalto university. We play in Finnish third division during the winter, and participate every year in the Nordic student championship (NSC) tournament.


Skipoli ry

Skipoli is a skiing club.

No matter what your skills are or whether you ski, snowboard or just enjoy the after-ski, Skipoli is your go-to association for unmatched winter fun. As a wise man once said, “Skiing is the easy part”.

Skipoli is a family.

Our members can be found everywhere from the local resorts all the way to the Alps and the furthest powder stashes of Japan. No matter where you plan to go, you can count on it to find company.

Skipoli is a lifestyle.

Our activities go year round. The academic year starts with our legendary Season’s Opening party with Skiing slope in Otaniemi, followed by the First Snow trip to Lapland and a 2-week trip to the Alps in January. Spring Break trip is a wonderful ending for the season! In winter we search for the puffy powder, in summer we’ll ride on water. Skipoli is a breath of fresh air from your studies to a laid-back crowd. 


Slackpoli ry

Slackpoli is a slackline club whose purpose is to unite Aalto University students interested in slackline and to promote knowledge of slacklining within the university. The association offers its members an opportunity to get acquainted with slacklining and its branches and supports the development in those branches.

In short, slacklining is a sport where you walk, balance or do tricks on a narrow and usually loose line in different environments.

Slackpoli organizes weekly exercises throughout the year, where participants get to practice in a variety of different slacklines and enjoy good company. In addition to practices, Slackpoli offers opportunities to try and practice more exotic branches of slacklining such as highline, trickline and waterline.

Slackpoli mostly focuses its attention on the Aalto community and its members, but anyone interested in slacklining is welcome to join. 

Teekkariampujat logo

Teekkariampujat ry

Teekkariampujat ry (TA) is a sport shooting club. Our members are mostly Aalto students or graduates, but even outsiders can generally join us. Our sport of choice is practical shooting (IPSC), and we utilize pistols, rifles, as well as shotguns.

To practice with us on the shooting range, you need to go through a safety training program that we organize as often as our resources allow. The program leads to a certification under the Finnish Shooting Sport Federation – if you’re already certified for IPSC or SRA, you may be able to jump right in!


Teekkaripurjehtijat ry 

Teekkaripurjehtijat ry offers a variety of sailing activities in Helsinki archipelago and further away. The smell of teak oil, brisk sea air and who wouldn’t want to experience the Finnish sauna on a deserted island. Whether you are an experienced sea dog or an ordinary landlubber, technology students sailing club Teekkaripurjehtijat commonly known as “TRIP” is just for you! TRIP has been established in 1951. It’s an academic students sailing club which offers all kinds of activities among sailing. Our members are mainly technology students and other students are very welcome as well. We also have lots of graduated members who have stayed in the club share their wisdom to a new generation of sailors. 

Teekkariratsastajat logo


Teekkariratsastajat is one of the largest horseback riding organization for students in the metropolitan area of Finland. We organize riding courses and camps for both the beginners and more advanced riders several times a year. Welcome!


Teekkarisuunnistajat, orienteering

Teekkarisuunnistajat (TeekSu) is association for orienteers and those who are interested in orienteering in Aalto. Some of the organized events are:

  • Sauna evenings monthly, with an orienteering practice first and then sauna, food, drinks, and good company
  • Pre-christmas party in December
  • Weekly floorball practice in Otahalli
  • Joint running practices with other TeekSu members
  • Part-taking in other student orienteering associations’ events

If you are interested in the sport of orienteering or you want to try out orienteering, feel free to contact us and join our events!

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