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Among AYY's music associations, you will surely find a choir, club or orchestra that suits your taste.
Akystic logo


Akystic is an acoustic music playing modern cover band that consists of dynamic group of young and talented people. The band plays well-known rock, pop and dance music with a wide range and the members have long experience from music and performing.

One of the band’s unique abilities is to perform with the most suitable “line-up” meaning that Akysticplays in big events and smaller happenings ranging a full band of 5-8 member band and for smaller events as a duo or trio. Also the band consists of multi talents where the members change their instruments between songs. Akystic ensures memorable and unique gig experience.

Boston promenade logo

Boston Promenade -yhdistys ry

Boston Promenade is a big band which has been rocking the socks out of business students since 1964.



Dissonanssi Choir is a mixed choir located in Otaniemi. During the semesters, we practice weekly on Tuesdays from 6 to 8 pm in Otaniemi. We welcome both male and female singers to join us in having fun and singing in a relaxed atmosphere! The auditions are held twice a year: in September and January. We announce audition dates on our Facebook page and website. 


Dominante ry

Dominante charms audiences with intensive interpretations, enthusiasm and its luminous sound. The choir’s artistic director is dir.mus. Seppo Murto. The core of Dominante’s activity is composed of performing ambitious a cappella works and orchestral classics, and of yearly overseas concert tours, festivals and competitions. Modern Finnish music is one of the core components of Dominante’s repertoire. In the past decade alone, Dominante has commissioned and premiered ten new works from eight contemporary composers. 

Founded in 1975, Dominante started as a student choir within the Helsinki University of Technology (today Aalto University). Even at present, most of its 60 members are Aalto University students or alumni. 

Entropy logo_uusi


Entropy ry, founded in 1993, is an electronic music cultural association and one of the AYY cultural associations. The purpose of the association is to maintain and advance electronic music culture and related activities among the students of Aalto University and to unite people interested in electronic music.

This in mind Entropy organizes electronic music events, various courses and workshops (such as the popular “Introduction to DJing” courses) and excursions to events in Finland and abroad. Entropy’s activities are member-driven: all the events and activities are initiated, planned and carried out by the members. Anyone can join the association and the membership fee has always been zero euro. Gratis and libre!

KYL logo

Helsinki Academic Male Choir KYL

The men envy us and the women adore us. And why not the other way round too. Brotherly misadventures, dubious humor, never-ending sauna evenings and charming audiences ‒ since 1949 KYL has changed young men’s notion of what male choir singing is about.

KYL gives your vocal chords the opportunity to produce music ranging from Sibelius to Stig while performing for audiences in top concert halls, nightclubs or wherever duty takes us. Traveling is an integral part of what we do and we have a tour abroad frequently. In 2019 we were in Cork, Ireland. You can get to decide where we are going to next.

KYL is one of Finland’s top male choirs, which has won international competitions and published critically acclaimed albums. We have high goals. With new applicants, we are more interested a good attitude than a broad musical background. Do notice, however, that KYL operates and sings in Finnish, so willingness to learn the language is a must! We can offer you singing instruction, an appreciation of classical and not-so-classical music, trips to the stages of the world, but most importantly, a life-long brotherhood.

KYL ‒ turn a new chapter in your life and join us! 

KYN logo


Female Choir KYN, founded in 1981, has always made music with ambition, passion and a creative angle. By means of commissioned pieces, it has broken musical boundaries, renewed choral repertoire and created a new genre of choral music, ethnic jazz. In ethnic jazz, elements of folk music and traditional texts fuse with the rhythm and harmony of jazz.

KYN’s artistic director since 1989, Kaija Viitasalo, has created a unique musical identity for her choir. KYN has been commended for its original repertoire, expressiveness and uniform, yet vivid sound resembling that of a vocal group. With its music, the choir moves the listener on an emotional level and tells a story – even across linguistic and cultural borders.

Recently, KYN has also attained international interest and has been invited as a main performer to events in France, Latvia and Taiwan.  KYN has also succeeded in several international choir competitions and reviews. In 2017, at the Grand Prix of Nations competition in Germany KYN won the Grand Prix in the Mixed, Female and Male Choirs category, came second in the Folklore category and was awarded a special prize for outstanding stage performance. Consequently, KYN ranked sixth in INTERKULTUR’s list of female choirs and received Choir of the Year Award from the Finnish Female Choir Association.

Check out our upcoming concerts!

Mökä logo

Metal Club Mökä ry

Metal Club Mökä is a cultural association focused on metal music, operating within Aalto University student union. Mökä was founded in 1998. The purpose of the association is to bring together the metal music lovers of Aalto University as well as organize related events and activities.

The core activities of the association are the monthly sauna evenings, which are usually held during the academic year on the last weekend of every month. In addition, Mökä arranges few gigs during year, usually one during spring and one during autumn. Activities also include hanging at our clubroom, having movie nights, pre-partys of metal music gigs or just listening to music.

Metal Club Mökäs club room is located in Otaniemi Jämeräntaival 7A in (the first door on the right after main door). Mökä members are often going to gigs in the capital area and bigger gigs have often pre-parties at the club room.

Mökä-representation can also be found on virtually all metal music festivals (and other finnish festivals having major metal acts). Special mention goes to Nummirock: in the camping area there is always a Mökä camp. Mökä has also cooperation with other academic metal clubs. There is for example an academic metal cruise every autumn, stay tuned!

Mökäs membership is free and you can join at the website. If you still doubt you can also come to an event before joining Metal Club Mökä.

Otakala logo

Otaniemen karaokelaulajat

Otaniemen karaokelaulajat (Otakala) is a karaoke club located in Otaniemi. We organise karaoke evenings and other related activities. Everyone is welcome to our events, no actual skill in singing required. We also rent our equipment.

Pelmu logo


The Polytechnical Live Music Association PELMU ry offers all AYY members a chance to rent a band practice room in Teekkarikylä, Otaniemi. The band practice room has drums, guitar amps, synths, mics and a PA-system. The prices of renting the room are very student friendly. For international AYY members: please contact PELMU through e-mail ([email protected]) if you are interested in playing at the practice room. PELMU also arranges multiple different music events in Otaniemi, such as two big music festivals at Smökki.

Please follow us on Facebook to be notified of different events! 

Polyteknikkojen kuoro logo

The Polytech Choir

PK (the Polytech Choir) is an academic Finnish male choir renowned for its open-minded attitude to music and life. Consisting of singers from Helsinki University of Technology, the choir draws its strength from its members’ enjoyment of working together and rising to new challenges. PK refuses to compromise over its musical ambition and high standard of performance. The conductor and artistic director of the Choir, since 2013, is Master of Music (choral conducting, Sibelius Academy) Saara Aittakumpu.

Founded in 1900, the choir is still firmly rooted in Finland’s vibrant National-Romantic tradition of male-choir singing. PK’s a cappella repertoire is mostly made up of different kinds of classical music from the Romantic era to modern music, yet the choir can also entertain its audience with barbershop, pop music and serenades. Every year, the choir has 10-15 performances, including traditional Christmas and spring concerts.

The choir regularly joins forces with leading symphony orchestras both in Finland and on tour abroad. For example, the choir has performed Sibelius’s Kullervo with orchestras such as the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra, the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra, and the Philharmonia Orchestra of London, and with conductors such as Leif Segerstam, Sakari Oramo, Esa-Pekka Salonen and Jukka-Pekka Saraste. In Finland PK has also sung the choral parts of orchestral masterpieces by Schubert, Strauss, Stravinsky and Shostakovich, among others.

PK is particularly proud of its pioneering work to promote modern male-choir music. Finnish composers have taken the choir to their hearts, and found in it an enthusiastic instrument ready to throw itself unconditionally into their experiments. During the past 20 years, the choir has commissioned and premiered almost 40 new works. Thus, contemporary music has become not only a welcome but also a vital challenge for it.

Polyteknikkojen-orkesteri logo

The Polytech Orchestra

The Polytech Orchestra (PO), founded in 1922,  is a student symphony orchestra with around 100 active members. We are one of the numerous organizations coordinated by the Aalto University Student Union. Most of us are students or alumni at Aalto University but there are students and graduates from other universities as well. The orchestra is conducted by James Kahane.

The concert calendar of PO includes a spring concert series with concerts in the Helsinki area and in other Finnish cities. The orchestra has also given concerts abroad; the PO has visited for instance Germany, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Baltic states, Sweden and Scotland. Other important annual events are the Waputin concert on the 1st of May and Autumn and Christmas concerts. Variety to the concert base is provided by on demand concerts and joint productions. In addition, a number of smaller ensembles, such as string quartets, wind quintets and the Polytech Salon Orchestra, operate within the PO.

Can I join even if I don’t speak Finnish?

As long as you can play an instrument, it doesn’t matter whether you speak Finnish or not. Your fellow players are almost sure to speak English and will help you, should the conductor forget to speak English. Joining the orchestra is an excellent way of making Finnish friends – and of course a very good one if you would like to enjoy music and playing in Finland too. If you don’t know when and where the rehearsals are, don’t hesitate to contact the board members!’

RWBK logo

Retuperän WBK

Retuperän WBK on tunnetusti maailman paras ja ainoa uudempaa ranskalaista torwimusiikkia soittava espoolainen teekkaripalokuntaorkesteri. Retuperän WBK perustettiin joskus suuren alkupamahduksen (engl. Big Band) aikoihin ja on siitä lähin pyrkinyt aiheuttamaan pahennusta ns. paremmin ajattelevissa piireissä.

Retuperän WBK:n musisointiin liittyy oleellisesti rahtikeikkojen lisäksi myös kahden vuoden välein järjestettävät konsertit Töölönlahden palokunnantalolla, jota kansan keskuudessa myös joskus leikkisästi Finlandia-taloksi kutsutaan.

Polirytmi logo

Jazz association Polirytmi

Polirytmi is a “dynamically syncopated” student jazz association in Otaniemi. The association consists of a few different groups that were formed over the years. The history goes way back to 1991!

Jazz is the Thing for many of us although rhythm music in general plays a prominent part in our lives. Dignified roots of Afro-American music are seasoned with our own distinctive, customary Finnish cool.

Polirytmi’s best musical moments have taken place on stage. We love the audience and our line-ups fit in many different venues.

Teekkariorkesteri-Humpsvakar logo

Teknologorkestern Humpsvakar

In the stronghold of technology- and snaps singing culture, in Otaniemi, Finland, resides a small group of men and women with a varying aptitude for music. These folk, dressed in black and sporting medals, have been spotted blowing in their horns on various occasions and parties near you. Sometimes they are even invited. When you least expect (or wish for) it, they storm in and play various melodies in various tempos. Sometimes even the same song. All the while the thumping of the drum is slightly off the beat. Some members even think they know how to play the banjo, but they are allowed to come along either way. On gigs the audience can be seen stuffing parsley in their ears. For those that didn’t bring any, various gags and distractions might take the attention of the music for a bit. Sometimes Humpsvakar have even been observed to sing songs, often with slightly more tunes than that you would hope for.

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