Developments in housing activities in 2023

AYY continuously develops its housing activities in order to respond to the needs of students as well as possible. At present, AYY’s targets for development include real estate services, consistency of reservations for common facilities and services, the selling of low demand housing, energy saving and making it easier to contact AYY.
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Aalto University Student Union is constantly developing its housing activities. This year, the agenda includes the tendering of property services, the sales process of properties, and the development of energy-saving measures. In addition, residence contacts are improved by developing systems and clarifying the website to make it easier to find information.

Tendering for real estate services

AYY is currently preparing tendering for real estate services. At the same time, real estate services are made consistent so that the content of the services will be similar in all properties, but the specific characteristics of different buildings will be taken into account. Real estate services include, among others, maintenance, cleaning and the management of outdoor areas. In addition to costs, AYY takes into account development suggestions received from the resident survey when selecting the services. The rental practices of saunas, parking spaces and common facilities are also made more consistent to be fairer and easier for everyone to use.

Real estate sales will continue

A new bidding process will start for real estate sales launched in the summer of 2022. In line with the 2016 policy, AYY has decided to sell its low demand properties. The decision is also based on AYY’s strategy for developing the housing stock in a member-oriented and sustainable way. At the same time, AYY started to promote student housing construction on the campus and its surroundings.

Energy saving measures will continue

Energy saving measures in properties will be continued and developed further. In 2023, energy efficiency is ensured by monitoring the energy and water consumption of residential properties, which helps us to notice leaking plumbing fixtures quickly, for example. Building automation systems are also checked on a regular basis. In this way, we can optimise settings, find possible areas of development and correct any defects if necessary. In addition, AYY will take energy efficiency measures, when necessary, by replacing lighting controls and powered ventilators with more energy efficient ones, sealing windows, or installing thermal glasses to reduce heat leaks.

Financial director Monika Kivimäki
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