Can I get more housing allowance if my rent is increased?

Due to increased costs, Aalto University Student Union has had to increase the rents. You can apply for more housing allowance from Kela if your housing costs increase.
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Due to increased costs, several student housing operators, including Aalto University Student Union, have had to increase their rents. In state-funded housing stock, the rents are cost-based. This means that the rent is charged on the basis of financial and maintenance costs. When these costs increase, the rents must also be increased. However, despite the cost pressure, efforts have been made to keep the increases moderate.

You can apply for more housing allowance from Kela if your housing costs increase by more than EUR 50 per month. However, if the change in housing costs is less than EUR 50, this will not affect the housing allowance. You can find more information on the effect of the rent increase on housing allowance on the Kela website. You can also apply for a review of your housing allowance if your housing costs change.

You can read more about the increase in student housing rents in the release of  
the Finnish Associations of Student Housing Organisations (in Finnish).


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