AYY’s mailing list service list.ayy.fi updated on 14 Dec

The mailing list services offered by AYY for associations will be updated to a new version. As a result, the service will be down for approximately one hour on 14 Dec at 20:00 – 21:00.

The update of the list server does not require any action from its users other than taking the outage into account.

The most significant change in the new version is that list passwords will be removed and replaced with personal usernames. You can also use your own Aalto ID or other Microsoft ID to log in to the list service. It is also possible to create separate IDs if you do not have a Microsoft ID or do not want to use it.

Image of a login form where the "Microsoft Graph" button is highlighted with a red underline.
By pressing the Microsoft Graph button, you can log in with your Aalto ID.

After verifying your email address, you will see the lists in which you are a member or administrator.

Instructions for the new version of Mailman can be found here:

GNU Mailman 3.1 - List Member Manual — Mailman Suite 3.3 documentation

For list administrators

Messages and member requests waiting for moderation are not transferred to the new version of the software. Please make sure that the lists administered by you do not have messages or membership requests lined up by 13 December at the latest.

Previously, anyone with a list password has been able to administer the lists. After the update, only those whose email address is marked as the owner of the list will have the right to administer the list. So please make sure that all administrators are marked as list owners.

Current links to the list service for registering for a list or viewing archives will change during the update. If your association website has links to list services, they must be updated for the links to work after the update.

Some associations have redirected emails from their own web address to AYY’s list service. For example, messages from the address [email protected] have been redirected to the list [email protected]. This will be possible in the future, but the new version will also have direct support for mailing lists of other domains. In other words, after the update, it is possible to create lists with the address [email protected], for example. If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact [email protected].

Update schedule

13 December at 20:00

The lists and their membership information are imported to the new system. Changes to list settings or members after this timeline will not be transferred to the updated version.

14 December at 20:00 – 21:00

Outage: the old email server is shut down and the new server will replace it. During this process, the email server does not forward messages.

After the outage, the mailing list service will be available as usual.

The message archives of the lists will not appear immediately in the new version but will be imported there one list at a time over the next few days.

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