AYY’s housing to use fossil-free energy from 2020 onwards

During 2020, AYY’s student housing and other properties will completely switch to fossil-free electricity and district heating.
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During 2020, AYY’s student housing and other properties will completely switch to fossil-free electricity and district heating. The reason for the switch is AYY’s strategy, which encourages the Student Union to lead the way in environmental issues. This change means significant steps towards greener student housing and a carbon-neutral student union.

“The carbon footprint of energy use in AYY housing makes up a significant part of AYY’s total carbon footprint. The decision to switch to fossil-free energy options is self-evident in accordance with our strategy”, says Olli Kesseli, Chair of AYY Board. By choosing the eco-friendlier options for electricity and heating already available on the market, AYY promotes the urgent need for greater use of fossil-free and carbon-neutral energy.

As regards to district heating, AYY’s Espoo properties have switched to Fortum’s EkoPlus district heating in early 2020. In Espoo properties, district heat is produced with heat from wastewater, waste heat from data centres and pellets – probably also with geothermal heat in the future. From the beginning of the year, district heating in Helsinki properties has been produced with waste heat from wastewater as part of Helen’s renewable district heat system, which has a specific C02-emission of 0 g/kWh.

Purchased electricity for AYY’s Espoo properties has been produced by hydropower for a long period of time, and electricity will continue to be carbon-neutral in the future. Purchased electricity for Helsinki properties are currently being tendered according to the same principles. Thus, Helsinki properties will also switch to carbon-neutral electricity as soon as possible.

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 Rosa Väisänen

Rosa Väisänen

Policy Specialist, Sustainability
 Hannes Helminen

Hannes Helminen

Head of Property Management
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