AYY: Students must be better informed about changes in campus facilities

A few weeks ago, Aalto students noticed that a terrace built by ARTS students near the Undergraduate Centre had been removed. AYY shares the students’ concern about the fact that they were not informed about the matter in advance, nor were they informed as extensively as they should have.
Kuvassa Samuli Vehkomäki

The terrace had a significant practical and symbolic value, especially for arts students. The terrace was built in the same year when arts students moved to the Otaniemi campus and it has been a very important place for students to spend their time. 

AYY regrets how little the students were informed in advance about the intentions to remove the terrace. The students’ disappointment after the removal of the terrace was increased by the fact that the removal came as a surprise. 

”Campus facilities should be developed together with students and the users of facilities. The users should be informed of any changes to campus facilities. AYY is cooperating with Aalto University Campus & Real Estate ACRE. In the future, students must be informed of such significant changes in advance, also taking topicality into account”, says AYY Board Member Samuli Vehkomäki.  

AYY is working on finding a new place for the terrace on campus, so that its value in the Aalto community would not be lost. The entire Aalto community should be more involved in campus development and communications related to campus changes need to be further improved. 


Further information: 

Samuli Vehkomäki 

Board Member: Real Estates, Housing, Campus, Sustainability  

Tel. +358 40 026 5544 

Laura Luoto 

Advocacy and Communications Manager  

Tel. +358 40 575 9092 

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