AYY proposes Tomas Kurenniemi as the Vice President of the Finnish Student Sports Federation OLL

AYY proposes Tomas Kurenniemi as the Vice President of the Finnish Student Sports Federation OLL for the year 2024.

Kurenniemi studies economics and energy and environmental technology at Aalto University. This year, he has served as the 2nd Vice Chair of the Student Union Representative Council. In 2022, Kurenniemi served as a member of the Student Union Board responsible for properties, digitalisation and the student centre.

“AYY has actively contributed to developing the campus in a direction that promotes mobility. OLL should also be more actively involved in developing the mobility of higher education campuses to improve the wellbeing of students”, Kurenniemi comments enthusiastically.

Kurenniemi wants to emphasise the importance of daily and incidental exercise in student life: “The daily life of a higher education student is often full of lectures, exams, work and social life. In this busy environment, it can be easy to forget the importance of physical activity, which is an essential part of overall wellbeing. Daily and incidental exercise helps students to cope with the daily grind.”

OLL elects the Board for 2024 at its general assembly in Tampere on 8–9 Nov 2023. OLL is an advocacy and service organisation representing all Finnish higher education students in both national and international fields. The primary goal of OLL is for students to engage in sufficient physical exercise for their health and for higher education sports services to be at an adequate level.

“It’s a great honour for me to start fighting for genuinely student-oriented sports advocacy with the mandate of my beloved student union”, Kurenniemi shares his thoughts on his appointment.

Further information:
Tomas Kurenniemi, [email protected]
Ida Parkkinen, Chair of the AYY Board, [email protected]
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