AYY nominates Sampo Sainio and Antti Regelin as candidates to the SYL Board

Aalto University Student Union nominates Sampo Sainio and Antti Regelin as candidates to the Board of the National Union of University Students in Finland. The SYL Board will be elected at the general assembly on 18–19 Nov 2022.
Kuvassa kaksi hymyilevää henkilöä, jotka ovat Sainio ja Regelin.

Aalto University Student Union nominates Sampo Sainio and Antti Regelin as candidates to the Board of the National Union of University Students in Finland for 2023.

Sainio, 24, studies energy engineering at Aalto University and administrative studies at Tampere University. This year, he has served as a member of the AYY Board with responsibility for housing, campus, property and sustainable development. Sainio has held several positions of trust in the Aalto community and has been a student representative in administration at the School of Engineering. Sainio is originally from Helsinki, and he takes an interest in fine arts.

“Government negotiations following parliamentary elections next spring will create guidelines for housing policy for the next four years. SYL must ensure that clear governmental objectives are established in Finland to ensure adequate construction of student housing. In the run-up to the parliamentary elections, we must also ensure that student loans are protected from rising interest rates. Higher education is an opportunity for upward social mobility and a higher education degree must not be a risk investment in the future,” says Sainio.

Regelin, 26, studies energy engineering and accounting. This year, he has represented the Greener Aalto representative group in AYY Representative Council and has been on student exchange in Peru. Previously, Regelin has served as Chair of the Guild of Automation and Systems Technology, a member of Aalto Entrepreneurship Society and has had various responsibilities in the Aalto community. Regelin is originally from Rovaniemi and he is into camping.

“On my student exchange in South America, I got to see society without a national student mouthpiece such as SYL. This made me think about the achievements that the student movement had already made and the development that is still needed. Before the parliamentary elections, we must ensure that stable basic funding for higher education institutions is secured. As a member of the SYL Board, I want to enable the conditions for a good student life for current and future generations of students,” says Regelin.

SYL will elect its Board for 2023 at its general assembly in Korpilampi on 18–19 Nov 2022. SYL represents university students in Finland at the national level and takes a stand on educational, social and international issues.


Further information:

Sampo Sainio, +358 44 388 1154

Antti Regelin, +358 40 543 6679

Chair of the Board Otto Usvajärvi, + 358 50 342 8663

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