AYY elected the Chair of the Representative Council for 2021 and the former of the Board

Aalto University Student Union’s Representative Council elected the Chair of the Representative Council and the former of the Board for 2021 at its meeting held on Thursday, 5 Nov 2020. Next year, Joonas Nurmi will chair the Representative Council and Milja Leinonen will form the Board.
Kuvassa Milja Leinonen ja Joonas Nurmi

Joonas Nurmi, who was elected as Chair of the Representative Council for 2021, is a sixth-year student of Systems Sciences and a second-year student of Economics. He is a familiar face in the Representative Council, where he has served as Vice Chair and a member of the Strategy Committee this year. Previously, Nurmi has also acted in Aava Community Section, Sports Committee and the Board of the Guild of Physics, and he has chaired GAYY.

“I am beyond excited. I look forward to next year and being able to continue developing the work of the Representative Council,” says Nurmi. 

Milja Leinonen, who was elected as the former of the 2021 Board, began her studies in Bioinformation Technology in 2014. For the past six years, she has pursued an active career in the Aalto community in the fields of Inkubio, associations and the Student Union. This year, she has served as Vice Chair of the AYY Board. During the term of the Board, Leinonen has also been responsible for academic affairs and student media.

“I would like to thank the Representative Council for their trust. As these exceptional circumstances continue, AYY’s role is becoming increasingly important. I want to thank all members of the Aalto community for this year’s efforts for community and the well-being of students! It is a pleasure to continue promoting the best student life in the world together,” Leinonen rejoices.

The former of the Board will submit a proposal for the 2021 AYY Board to the Representative Council, which will elect the new Board at its meeting on 26 Nov 2020. The call for applications for board members is open until 11.59pm on 14 Nov and the call for Vice Chair of the Representative Council is open until 26 Nov. A panel for board member candidates will be held on 17 Nov. Read more about AYY’s voluntary recruitments for 2021 here.

Further information:
Elina Nieminen, Executive Director, [email protected], 050 520 9415

Aalto University Student Union AYY is an advocacy and service organisation for approximately 14,000 students. AYY represents the interests of its members, particularly in academic affairs and social affairs concerning students. The Representative Council is AYY’s highest decision-making body, which elects the Student Union Board and decides on the budget, among other things.

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