Association newsletter for week 12/2019

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This is the AYY association newsletter for week 12/2019

We have reached the middle of the month. If you have not yet remembered to apply for an operating grant or to submit your association notice (item 1), now is high time to begin. Also note the annual main user reports for Otax (item 2).

Upcoming events and important dates for associations

21 Mar: AYY Representative Council meeting 3/2019 (
24 Mar: TTE Fund application round II ends (item 5,[in Finnish])
25 Mar: Student Centre info seminar (
28 Mar: Last day for asking questions regarding operating grants and association notices ([email protected])
29 Mar: Deadline for main admin reports for Otax (item 2)
31 Mar: Application for operating grants and submission of association notices ends (item 1)

Contents of the newsletter

1. Now is the time to submit the annual association notices and apply for AYY’s operating grants!
2. Submit the main admin reports for your association’s website by 29 Mar
3. Nominate prize winners from the Aalto community
4. Interested in developing your association’s equality?
5. Second application round of TTE Fund for 2019 ends next week!
6. Answer the brand survey for AYY’s sections
7. Facility selection for the Aalto Space application has been extended: School of Business as the latest addition
8. Culture operators: Invitation to the National Theatre on 21 Mar

1. Now is the time to submit the annual association notices and apply for AYY’s operating grants!

All associations operating within Aalto University Student Union must annually submit an association notice and, at the same time, associations in the 1st list can apply for an operating grant. The application period and submission of association notices ends on Sunday 31 Mar at 11.59 pm.

Comprehensive instructions are available here:

Both the operating grant application and the association notice consist of tabs to be filled in in the Tahlo system and the required appendices. As appendices, we require the following from everyone:

– the current rules
– the previous operating year’s annual report
– the current operating year’s operational plan

In addition, from those applying for an operating grant:
– the current operating year’s budget
– the previous operating year’s financial statement (consists of a profit and loss account and a balance sheet)

Log in to the Tahlo system at with your association’s user details. If the user details have gone missing, they can generally be restored to your Board’s email address at

Carefully fill in the tabs General, Board, Facilities and Attachments and, when applying for an operating grant, the Application tab. If you are a special status association, also fill in the Special Status tab. Finally, update your association’s association profile at You can sign in with your association’s user details. Remember to update all language versions!

Detailed instructions, tips and more information at Note that the Application tab has been updated since last year. Remember to reserve enough time to prepare the application.

AYY’s Organisation Sector ([email protected]) will answer all questions regarding the operating grants.

2. Submit the main admin reports for your association’s website by 29 Mar

Is your association’s website on the AYY server? It is that time of year again when the main admin report for Otax must be submitted. The deadline for the admin report is 29 Mar, and the account will be locked on 1 Apr. If you know that you will need more time for the submission, please get in touch by email at [email protected] and we will extend your account by a month.

This year, the reports will be examined more closely than in previous years. We ask you to pay particular attention to cleaning up old access keys and clearing the www-data folder.

The admin report is available at

Best wishes,

3. Nominate prize winners from the Aalto community

Like last year, Aalto University Student Union’s Community Committee Aava rewards associations for their work in the Aalto community. However, this year, we are collecting nominations for the whole year, so that feats done early in the year don’t get overshadowed by the time passed. Nominate associations and other groups that have succeeded this year in the following categories: Promoting student wellbeing, welcoming new students, integrating international students and bringing students from different study fields together. Additionally, you can give a nomination for your own category!


4. Interested in developing your association’s equality?

Does your association discuss equality? Are you thinking about the best ways to organise events or prepare an equality plan, or maybe wondering about the accessibility of your organisation’s facilities? Are you thinking about means to prevent and interfere with inappropriate behaviour and harassment?

The easiest way to get more information on developing equality in associations is to read through AYY’s renewed Association Guide’s Equality section at

You can find more information on equality planning applicable to associations and on preparing an equality plan on the Allianssi website at (in Finnish).

If you wish to discuss developing equality, means to prevent harassment or would like information or training on these topics for your association, you can contact AYY’s Advocacy Specialist in charge of Equality, Lauri Jurvanen, at [email protected], tel. 050 520 9418.

5. Second application round of TTE Fund for 2019 ends next week!

The second application round of TTE Fund for 2019 is open! The Fund can grant financial aid for all AYY members as well as communities operating in connection with it. TTE Fund supports operations that reach for the stars, get other people excited to join in and can be seen and heard.

You can apply for grants from TTE Fund in two ways: through the application rounds organised around three times a year, or via the continuous application process which is open during semesters. Via the continuous application process, the maximum amount of a grant is 2000 €, whereas the amount of project funding in the actual application rounds is not limited.

Application time for the second round of 2019 ends on Sunday 24 Mar 2019 at 11.59 pm. Instructions for preparing an application and its attachments can be found on the Fund’s website at  (in Finnish).  The grants are applied for by filling in an online form that can be found at

6. Answer the brand survey for AYY’s sections

The AYY sections are charting the images held by our community of the sections’ brands. If you want to take part in influencing the sections’ brand development work, let your thoughts be known via the attached survey form. Your answers carry particular weight, as they will help further improve the sections’ brands. The survey closes on Sunday 24 Mar.

Among all respondents, we will raffle VIP and drinks tickets for the Dipoli Wappu or Aalto Afterparty.

You can access the survey here:


7. Facility selection for the Aalto Space application has been extended: School of Business as the latest addition

It can be challenging to find an available facility for Board meetings, studying or group work on campus. Aalto Space is a mobile application for Android and iOS devices. You can use it to book study and group work facilities as well as to navigate the campus. During 2019, the number of buildings and the facility selection will be extended to cover multiple new buildings. The School of Business building was added to the application in February 2019.


8. Culture operators: Invitation to the National Theatre on 21 Mar

The Finnish National Theatre would like to invite culture operators to an agent evening organised especially for them at the National Theatre on 21 Mar.

Below is the official invitation and a link to the registration. The event is Finnish-language.

“Students are an important target group for the National Theatre, and the evening of theatre agents is a unique opportunity to be one of the first to hear about new performances!

As an association representative, you are warmly welcome to get to know the programme for autumn 2019, to which you will be introduced by front-row theatre makers. You will also get to enjoy an evening snack and to hear about our student discounts during the evening.


At 5.00 pm, the doors to the Small Stage are opened and there are evening snacks on offer in the green room.
At 5.30 pm, the programme on the Small Stage begins and lasts approximately one hour.

After the programme part, you can enjoy a glass of bubbly in the green room and have a chat with the actors and staff of the National Theatre.

Sign up for the event by 19 Mar at (in Finnish).”

With cultural greetings,

Otto Bergius
+358 50 520 9422 | [email protected]
Corporate Relations Coordinator
Aalto University Student Union (AYY)


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