Apply to be a student representative – it’s worth it!

Acting as Student Representative in Administration is a means to change the Aalto community.
Keskellä henkilö ja teksti Hae hallopediksi

Students are the best experts on their own everyday life. Sounds self-evident, but it is a truth that needs to be emphasised. No one else is as familiar with student issues, nor speaks on behalf of students. This also applies to University administration. The task of a Student Representative is to make Aalto University a better place for students.

As a student representative, you can address any problems you have detected at the university in the decision-making bodies responsible for these issues. At a practical level, the tasks of student representatives include reviewing meeting documents before the meetings arranged approximately each month, having meetings with other student representatives and AYY’s advocacy sector, and communicating student-related decisions to their own communities. However, only the sky is the limit in advocacy work, so you are free to use as much time and energy as you want as a student representative.

Reasons to become a student representative:

  • There have been problems with the structures and arrangements of my degree programme for a long time. I would like to discuss this issue at my school.
  • The professors at Aalto University have been nice, I would like to work with them.
  • I would like to learn more about influential speaking, and perhaps gain more experience from meetings, so that I would not be so nervous.
  • I would like to get involved in volunteering, but along with my other duties, I would be content with just a few light responsibilities a month.
  • I am interested in getting to know students in other fields and to cooperate with them.
  • I am interested in decision-making processes at the university, and I would like to have practical experience of how the processes work.

Both for the university and for life

As a student representative, you will learn to understand the operations of a large organisation from an administrative and financial perspective. In 2019, Aalto University’s budget was EUR 371 million. The university has an impact at various levels in Espoo, Finland and internationally. Participating in the development of such a broad and diverse organisation is an excellent opportunity for development and a significant merit even after graduation.

All students will graduate into fields that have meetings. Hence, it is worth it to learn now how to impress in meetings – this is a tangible working-life skill that is easier to learn as a halloped than in a lecture.

As a Halloped, you will also become a tighter part of the academic community. In dialogue with the staff, you will be able to look at academic activities from the inside, as an equal member among professors and other staff. You will meet people from different fields and can gain contacts that are valuable in terms of working life. An interdisciplinary environment helps strengthen and clarify your ow professional identity.

The halloped community

The persistent perception of Halloped work being lonesome toil has been buried in the depths of history. Hallopeds have each others’ support, and influencing is increasingly being done together. No one is left alone. Even deputy members do not have to remain idle, as they can fearlessly attend the Hallopeds’ communal meetings. AYY invests particularly in enabling the Hallopeds from each School to discuss matters and learn from one another.

Acting as Student Representative in Administration is a means to change the Aalto community, but the lessons and experiences gained from it stay with the individuals long past graduation.

The call for applications for student representatives is now open. You can find more detailed instructions on how to apply in the call for applications.

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