Antti Ilmavirta appointed Executive Director of Aalto University Student Union

AYY’s Representative Council elected Antti Ilmavirta to the position of AYY’s Executive Director at its meeting on 20 Apr 2022. Ilmavirta will start in his position on 3 May.
Antti Ilmavirta

Antti Ilmavirta, 36, who has been elected Executive Director of Aalto University Student Union, has served as Secretary General of the Student Union of LUT University LTKY in 2016–2021. He is studying at Aalto University in Automation and Systems Technology degree programme and is completing his master’s thesis for TEK. Ilmavirta describes himself as a long-term association activist, singing man and technical student.

Ilmavirta is incredibly pleased with his new position as AYY’s Executive Director and is looking forward to doing concrete things to promote the best student life in the world.

“It’s amazing to get to work for a beloved community. I feel that I have received so much from the Aalto community, so now it’s great to have the opportunity to give back,” says Ilmavirta happily.

According to Ilmavirta, the sense of community and diversity are the strengths of the Aalto community. He wishes that every fresher will find their own place in the community and the resources that support their studies. He also hopes that students’ voice will be heard more strongly in society in the future.

“We are happy to have Antti as part of AYY’s work community. He has solid experience in similar positions and a vision to lead the Student Union,” says Chair of the AYY Board, Otto Usvajärvi.

Preparations for the recruitment of Executive Director began at the turn of 2021–2022. AYY’s Representative Council decided on the recruitment process and the composition of the recruitment team at its meeting in February. The recruitment team responsible for the pre-selection included four members of the Representative Council. The recruitment team reviewed the applicants and interviewed six candidates at the beginning of the process. Following the interviews and suitability assessments, the recruitment team presented two leading candidates, who were interviewed by the Representative Council in April before the decision was made.


Further information:

Otto Usvajärvi, Chair of the AYY Board

+358 50 342 8663



Aalto University Student Union AYY is an advocacy and service organisation for approximately 15,000 Aalto University students of technology, business and arts. AYY represents the interests of its members, particularly in academic and social affairs.

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